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" @konkonas  is phenomenal. Wearing a stone-hard face, she protects her feelings, her identity, like a mission. But when she allows herself to drop her guard her mannerisms write essays," writes @Plebeian42  in his review of 'Ajeeb Daastans'

The UK may be a relatively small global polluter when it comes to carbon but what it says and does will be vital to the overall outcome of the Cop 26 summit. There are perhaps three main reasons for this, write@oliver_wright  and @bwebster135 

In today's letters-to-the-editor | April 19: Hamilton targeted by Conservatives, no police state, church OK but not golf and more readers write

#Smallbusiness owners, your stories are so inspiring. Tweet or write an Instagram post about how you’ve been persevering for a chance to win $10,000 or one of 15 $2,000 prizes. 🏆 #sweepstakes  To learn how to enter, see Official Rules:

Antonio Tomas on FB: "... on the fire at the African Studies Library. I wouldn't be able to write a book on Luanda, from here, without the collection they have, which is the largest repository in Portuguese in the whole country, and perhaps in Africa outside Lusophone countries."

EU Listing Process Based On 'Objective Facts,' Panel Chief Says (My write up of today's @EP_Taxation  meeting)

Iowa’s businesses need immigration reform, write leaders from the @EconomicAllianc  and @icareachamber  in the @gazettedotcom  “To meet our workforce needs, we must attract more people,” they write.

I will disappoint you: I had to stop 4 times to write down the count into my iphone and restart counting

The relief offered by Renter’s Choice is about more than just economic activity; it’s about ensuring our families, neighbors and friends can all equitably access safe shelter, @CCMiddleton6 , @amirrf  and wr @JohnCranleyte 


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@NaughtyBoyMusic good for you , well done !! I think we've done alright in terms of sales and I've happened to write on most. Keep trying !

Just because u have a twitter doesn't give u a free ticket to write horrible stuff about people...

Oh and I write my own shit too dickhead

I can't do anything without being judged u try that and write about it

Fuck u and the power u think you have over me. I’m gonna write about this in my next book???

My heart is broken. I don't want write this post. I don't want to believe that this is reality. I am so thankful for you.

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Everyone thinks i dont write my own tweets but i wrote this one.

Look at this shit I never said any if that write about something real for once there's plenty of issues In the world

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I can’t believe I have to write this sentence, but the president's son-in-law doesn't get to decide when the election is.

Write down the things in your life that make u happy. Think about all your blessings. Be in a good place. Stay smiling