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A privacy lawyer believes New Brunswick may be opening itself up to legal challenges by requiring places of worship to uphold the policy.

@JaredWalczak  takes a step back from the #TaxTheChurches  rhetoric and dives into what’s true, what’s exaggerated, and what’s outright false about the tax treatment of churches and other houses of worship.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced Monday that St. Frances of Rome parish in Cicero and St. Mary of Celle parish in Berwyn will unite as one parish with two worship sites.

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced Monday that St. Frances of Rome parish in Cicero and St. Mary of Celle parish in Berwyn will unite as one parish with two worship sites.

'Very large number' of current cases attributed to places of worship: Higgs

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A federal investigation is underway after authorities determined the fire was intentionally lit, as starting a fire at a place of worship is a federal crime.

A former funeral home on the east end of Anoka's Main Street could soon become a church after the City Council approved a resolution allowing houses of worship in a section of the city where they previously had not been allowed.

Scam? Really? Yes: anti-vax, juicing, cult worship, products packaged in toxic plastic…these things hurt real people.

Yosemite has captivated generations of climbers — and those who worship them. Now a small museum in Mariposa, Calif., not far from the park’s granite walls tells part of the story.

St. John's Lutheran Church in the #West  Village celebrated its bicentennial all weekend with an open house, concerts, worship, and a "Celebration of Sacred Space" program which included music, reflections, poetry and a theatrical performance.


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Almost all of Bollywood cosy club posted wishes on Eid. Absolutely fine. But none of them posted wishes on Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan, biggest event of Hindu faith in centuries. None of our cricket stars posted a single greeting either. These are the men and women we worship.

You got it wrong! If the protesters were so peaceful, why did they light the Church on fire the night before? People liked my walk to this historic place of worship! Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. James Lankford, Sen. Ben Sasse. Please read @MZHemingway  below.

Our Great 1st Amendment, our Great 2nd Amendment, our right to worshipGod & so much more comes down to one vote on the Court. @tedcruz  has a fantastic new book, “One Vote Away”, out today! It's the best book to read as we fight to #ConfirmACB  to #SCOTUS .

Christians at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY we’re gathering to worshipSunday when BLM stormed their sanctuary and took over their church. Violent BLM members stopped the service and assaulted the peaceful Christians verbally and physically. WATCH:

It is ridiculous that some people in UP are criticising the UP CM Adityanath Yogi on allegation that as a Kshatriya he got a gangster Dubey, a Brahmin killed. Ramchandra ji was also a Kshatriya who killed Ravan, a Brahmin with asura mentality. But all Brahmins worshipLord Rama

We wrecked our economy. Because: 1. We cared about putting Pakistan down more 2. We cared about being one up on Muslims more 3. We worship vs holding governments accountable 4. Outdated economics 5. We feel all suffering is God given 6. We troll this reality check tweet too

NEW: As #COVID19  cases and hospitalizations continue to rise, 30 counties will now be required to CLOSE INDOOR OPERATIONS for: -Fitness Centers -Places of Worship -Offices for Non-Critical Sectors -Personal Care Services -Hair Salons and Barbershops -Malls

"Today, I am identifying houses of worship, churches, synagogues, and mosques as essential places that provide essential services."

RT to agree with President@realDonaldTrump  ⇨ Houses of worship are essential. Open them up!

Memo to business execs invited to speak at Trump briefing/rally: After you pay your public worship to Trump, please tell us how much $$$ you & your company (including your companies’ lobbyists) have paid to Trump campaign & PACs.