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Former Pres. Obama: "What is [Pres. Trump's] obsession, by the way, with crowd size? He's still worried about his inauguration crowd being smaller than mine...Does he have nothing better to worry about? Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid? Was he traumatized?"

Senior officials on Biden’s campaign are increasingly worried about insufficient Black and Latino voter turnout in key states like Florida and Pennsylvania

Changed your mind about voting absentee? Worried the mail won’t deliver your ballot in time? Here are your options to make your vote count in each state.

Kyle Rittenhouse cried, vomited and worried about social media as he told Antioch cops, 'I shot two white kids' (Chicago Tribune)

If you're voting in person in Oakland this year, @fermoso  has you covered. Worried about long lines, voter intimidation, language barriers, COVID safety, etc.? Jose took a super detailed look at what to expect and what your rights are.

Obama: “He’s still worried about his inauguration crowd size being smaller than mine. Does he have nothing better to worry about?” He continued: “Trump cares about feeding his ego, Joe cares about keeping you and your and your family safe.”  #Election2020 

Worried your mail-in ballot still hasn't arrived? Here's how to be sure your vote counts (Karen Brooks Harper / The Texas Tribune)

“What his obsession by the way with crowd size?” Obama says in Michigan of Trump. “This is the one measure he has of success. He’s still worried about his inauguration crowd being smaller than mine... .Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid - was he traumatized?”

Worried about a potential Trump-Biden transition period? Take a minute to remember 1860–61.

I’m worried my husband thinks his “album” is more important than our baby.


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If you’re more worried about @realDonaldTrump  unmasking on a balcony with no one close to him than you were by the Obama/Biden administration unmasking (aka illegally spying on) their political opponents, my diagnosis is you have TDS, & my prescription is to put down your phone.

So a lot of White House staffers are worried the recklessness of the president will hurt them? Welcome to what millions of Americans have been feeling for years.

Thank god it's Kamala! I was worriedBiden was going to pick someone else who would have made me absolutely still vote for him no matter what.

A lot of times we are worried about our destination and forget to focus on our journey.

Oh no, the Dems are worried again. The only one that can kill this comeback is Sleepy Joe Biden!

I've never met anyone who was worried about being CALLED a racist, who didn't harbor racist beliefs. What racist people DONT want, is to face CONSEQUENCES for their racism. Fun fact, don't start none, won't be none. Don't wanna be called a racist? Dont do racist shit.

#breaking news my curtains are currently throwing shade at me... Should I be worried

All these folks worried about erasing history when the Confederate statues come down will be thrilled to learn about the existence of books.

If I worried about dumbass comments from dumbasses I wouldn't get a damn thing done. So, stay miserable & move out the way. I'm very busy ?

Hi everyone I just wanted to say that I'm not mad at anyone cuz I'm worried people think I'm pissed off or (cont)