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I'll believe Biden has giant balls when he launches an attack on China. Until then, Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow should spare us their on air ecstasy.

Wolf Blitzer, who famously announces election projections for the news network, did a similar type of job announcing the first half of the Wizards’ 2020-21 regular-season schedule with colleague John King.

@SecBlinken  discusses Russia's silencing of Aleksey Navalny, Iran sanctions, engaging China, and other foreign policy priorities in an interview with @CNNSitRoom 's Wolf Blitzer. Read the Secretary's full interview:

In a wide-ranging interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Blinken said that "they spoke actually during the transition. I think one of the first calls the president had was with Netanyahu"

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Hits Fox News for Bailing on Trial to Interview Trump's Lawyer: 'Strange, Given the Historic Nature of What's Going on'

WOLF BLITZER: You say the Uyghurs are victims of genocide. That’s a powerful word… SECRETARY BLINKEN: The President’s been very clear that he wants to put and will put and is putting human rights and democracy back at the center of our foreign policy.

Rachel Maddow Wins in Total and Demo Viewers, 'The Five' Tops Wolf Blitzer in Wednesday Ratings

I keep hopping over to @cnn  only to see a bored looking Wolf Blitzer saying "nope, all good, nothing to see here..."

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Many Wolf Blitzer "questions" start as statements or Blitzerian speeches but then hit the brakes at near the end with an upturn in tone to transform them into queries.


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Am I the only one who feels that Wolf Blitzer sounds like an English punk band in 1981?

Speaker Pelosi to CNN's Wolf Blitzer when he calls her out for refusing to make a deal on COVID-19 relief: "I don’t know why you’re always an apologist and many of your colleagues are apologists for the Republican position."

Nancy Pelozi is crazed and dangerous: Pelosi melts down calling CNN's Wolf Blitzer a 'Republican apologist' via @MailOnline 

Things got contentious at the end of the interview between Speaker Pelosi and Wolf Blitzer 😳😳😳

@NYCMayor  Bill de Blasio tells Wolf Blitzer that he is banning all large gatherings in New York City except for Black Lives Matter protests. Wolf Blitzer follows up by asking about the U.S. Open.

1.The media’s medical science deniers. Why doesn’t Wolf Blitzer interview this doctor and numerous other doctors like him rather than continuing CNN’s jihad against the president and a practical medical solution for so many?

this is grotesque. I lauded Wolf Blitzer for speaking out on the death of his relatives in the Holocaust and mediaite claims I blasted him. You better retract this.

Blitzer: Did you read the entire health care bill before voting yes? Collins: "I will fully admit, Wolf, I did not"