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Some called for a boycott and told the retailer to stay out of politics. “You’ve decided to get woke so now you can go broke. So I guess it’s #boycottpatagonia  time,” read one tweet. Going broke doesn’t appear to be much of a risk at the moment.

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A woman who was in a coma with Covid-19 while pregnant says she woke up the day after her baby was born

Airborne and rapid test blessings in 1 week. Awakening to woke state

Even local news is now so woke it's unwatchable.

Black Woman Who Burned Alyssa Milano to a Crisp Is Back With Blowtorch for the 'Woke'

WATCH: Australia’s largest city, Sydney, woke up enveloped in thick fog and smoke from hazard reduction burns over the weekend

"The night I had sex with someone other than my husband for the first time, my soul woke up."

Media Diary | It’s the cartoon that sparked a global Twitter pile-on. But for the artist who drew it, it’s payback time for the ‘woke’ union he says abandoned him.


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that @Harry_Styles  fella woke me up coz he's in the room next door playing guitar! Ssshhhh

STAY WOKE: I understand that people want to get back to normal. But normal is toxic for us. Keep your knee on these politians and keep them working in our collective interest. Continue to post, inform and complain. They’re hoping you go back to posting bullshit that don’t matter.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes yesterday! Means alot! woke up this morning with 2 more hairs on my chest! Delighted with meself

Day off ! Wohoooo! Just woke up! not moving

Holy shit.. Just woke up and the first thing that came to my head was that we won 2 more AMA's including artist of the year.

Woke up coughing and hour ago.. Oh yeh, still coughing now.

Just woke up and had a text to say that we won 8 awards @TeenChoiceFOX  , wowwwww! You guys are incredible yet again, thank you so much

Just woke up ! Needed that sleep.. Anyway, show tomorrow, going to Vienna . Can't wait to see you all for the first time right ?

Woke up smiling. Last night was fun. Felt good to just play. Had so much fun. Thanks

Spoke way to soon! was expecting warm weather this morning . Woke up to the loudest clap of thunder ever