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Journalists at the New York Times' Wirecutter unit plan to strike during the product review website's peak traffic around Black Friday and through Cyber Monday, the site's most profitable time of the year, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times’ Wirecutter staff has gone on strike ahead of the busiest shopping days of the year

In his social media post, Sanders echoed Wirecutter workers’ concerns that their pay badly lags that of staffers at the New York Times, which acquired their company in 2016

Hope Wirecutter’s excellent staff is compensated accordingly!

Workers at New York Times' Wirecutter go on strike ahead of Black Friday

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Just as shoppers started to scour the internet for the best Black Friday deals, union workers at The New York Times’ product review site Wirecutter walked off the job.

"...Wirecutter’s union announced Tuesday that, as previously threatened, union staff will strike from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, Wirecutter’s busiest and most profitable period of the year."

Very much want to look at @wirecutter  today… but I’m not!

New at Media Nation: Don't cross the picket line. Stay off Wirecutter until next Tuesday.

@nytimes  @wirecutterI  @wirecutterunionf  four wirecutter reviewers/community managers/SEO managers/etc want to create a writer-owned company I will invest the first $1m


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With an avalanche of early Black Friday promotions, @wirecutter  separates the deals from the duds.

I literally own stuff Wirecutter staffers have recommended to me. Yet they get paid less than the editorial fellows that @nytimes  brings into its newsroom. That’s why I support the @wirecutterunion  strike and won’t cross their picket line on Black Friday.

Wirecutter’s unionized staff are striking on a historically profitable shopping weekend, and Times brass wants other staffers to cross the picket line.

Don't Cross the Wirecutter Picket Line

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if you ever wondered what it was like to join the New York Times as part of Wirecutter 🙃

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“At Wirecutter we recommend, the union busting has to end!” 💜✊ @wirecutterunion  @NYTGuildTech  @NYTGuildTech  + a very chill @nyguild  @news_guild  pupper 😍

Yesterday the New York Times ran a full-page house ad promoting their Wirecutter section's deal recommendations for Prime Day. No need for Amazon to buy its own ads when it has the NYT running them for free.

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Scoop: Journalists at New York Times' Wirecutter plan to strike for one or more days around Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the site's busiest time of the year They won union recognition 2 years ago but say company's offering only 0.5% guaranteed annual raise

. @Wirecutter  taste tested the most popular ice cream sandwiches. A major classic didn't make the cut 😬