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With snow in the forecast this weekend, BCAA is out warning drivers to plan trips carefully amid the expected winter weather.

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The new plan for winter sports allows that capacity or up to four spectators per student participant, whichever is larger.

@NWSFlagstaff says to expect winter storms Sat.-Tues. Plz consider delaying travel into Arizona's high country or plan for the possibility of extended time on the highway due to winter weather.  📷: Image is from past storms.

Periods of wintry weather expected this weekend through Monday afternoon. Develop your winter weather plan. #kswx 

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"With opportunities limited at the moment it’s a good time to plan. New routes, new gear all ready to go. Just as soon as we get a clean Bill of health. In my first and only winter mission so far, I managed to get out on the Luss hills." - POW UK's graphic designer @ruanaich 

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More than 1/3 of home fires occur during the winter, and more than half of all fire deaths occur between 10pm–6am. As the nights grow colder, remember to Close the Door as part of your escape plan. See more #FDNYSmart  tips at

On Tuesday, the board approved via email a plan that allows winter sports competition, with the exception of boys and girls basketball, to begin seven days after the first practice.

JCPS Board approves winter sports plan, practices to begin Wednesday

IHSA approves plan for winter sports to begin, allows contact days for fall, spring and summer sports

'There's always a backup plan to the backup plan.' @nimsdai  says the training he learned as a special forces member gave him the strengths to summit K2 in winter. Making the right decision in the most stressful conditions and having no excuses💪


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We don’t want to be in this situation next Winter. We need to assess potential risks incl variants & make a proactive plan to address them. We need a long-term comprehensive strategy to protect economy, health and society.

Happy Wed!☀️Hard days w/ strict restrictions & hospitals filling up. We cannot accept this virus as endemic in its current form: this will continue lockdown/release cycles. We must be bold & plan for elimination. We should never have another winter like this again bc of COVID.

Staggering number buried in today’s #COVID19  winter plan: Test & Trace will cost an extra £7bn, so £22bn total this yr. To put that into perspective, that’s more than the ENTIRE cost of Crossrail (£18bn) or the Channel Tunnel (£9bn at the time, just under £20bn in today’s money).

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Downing Street has said England will enter a strengthened three-tiered system of local restrictions when the national lockdown ends on December 2 and Boris Johnson is expected to detail his plan for winter including how families will see each other at Christmas to MPs on Monday

Test section of world's first photovoltaic expressway opens to traffic in E China's Shandong. It can generate 10 mln kWh of electricity per year and melt ice and snow in winter. Next plan is to charge electric vehicles traveling above it

When asked to explain his warning of “darkest winter in modern history,” Rick Bright said: “The window is closing to address this pandemic because we still do not have a standard centralized coordinated plan to take this nation through this response.”

Dr. Fauci told me today that America must do better on testing, contact tracing, and social distancing to help stop another wave of coronavirus this fall and winter. President Trump needs more than tweets to stop this pandemic – he needs a plan.

Trump's plan for the coronavirus so far: -Cut winter heating assistance for the poor -Have VP Pence, who wanted to "pray away" HIV epidemic, oversee the response -Let ex-pharma lobbyist Alex Azar refuse to guarantee affordable vaccines to all Disgusting.

No one should be rough sleeping, especially in the middle of winter. And it's a disgrace that the number of people sleeping rough has risen every year under the Tories. We need real action. Here's our plan:

Meet the Nigerian women who plan to sleigh the Winter Olympics. ?