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Even the rise of leftish censoriousness, which I don't like either, has been worsened by Trump. Of course the presence of a sinister buffoon in the White House, who winks at racists and white supremacists, has inflamed the far-left. Why would it not?

On Mourinho Zoom. - Lo Celso is out “for a few weeks” - on Winks: “If someone is speaking with other clubs, my reaction is ‘don’t lose your time.' He's going nowhere.” - on Lamela: “Legally, he can [play]. But I still have a decision to make. - Not interested in Nicolas Gonzalez

CNN's @jaketapper  on the fallout from the US Capitol siege: “The images of this attack are so shocking that many of Trump’s enablers are finally... beginning to get the goddamn point that his continuous lies... and winks and nods to violent extremists are dangerous." #CNNSOTU 


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You know what @onedirection  ? Your fans REALLY love you, and it's beautiful to see! Enjoy your Moonman! Love, Seashell Girl *winks* xx

#EXO's 'M Countdown' comeback stage is going viral due to Kai's heart throbbing winks

When Trump cozies up to white supremacists and winks at suggestions of violence against Black and brown communities, he makes our country less safe. That ends when I’m president.

Today I found a book that winks at you very interesting way to start my morning

#BTS' Jinwinks at Heechul and shows off his talented toes on 'Knowing Brothers'

Dogwhistle reminder that these words used by our openly Nationalist President are winks to the alt right: Soros = The Jews Globalist=dirty jew Nationalist =white Nationalist

Just promised @JaxonBieber  if he winks at his teacher hes getting an A+ this yr for sure. #tocute