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Justice delayed, is justice denied. The Govt promised to provide justice with the Windrush Compensation Scheme. 20% of claimants have applied & only 5% have received anything. 23 have now died without receiving anything. It is time an independent body was given the task!

Windrush descendant loses high court battle with Home Office over status

Windrush descendants lose fight to expand compensation scheme

Windrush descendants lose high court fight to expand scheme

Son of ‘Windrush victim’ waits for ruling on first round of High Court fight

Son of ‘Windrush victim’ waits for ruling on first round of High Court fight - Evening Standard

The children and grandchildren of Windrush are fighting to preserve our forebearers’ heritage

Windrush: high court rules claimants’ human rights breached by Home Office

Windrush: high court rules claimants’ human rights breached by Home Office


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There is no British history without the history of empire. I am here because you were there. My ancestors were not British subjects because they came to Britain. They were British subjects because Britain came to them and sold them into slavery. My Windrush speech on our history:

Dear Sender, I'm a little confused. Do you want me to be "hung upside down" by my "dirty black bollocks" or get "a banana" and climb up a tree? I can't do both. And how do you propose sinking the Windrush which arrived in 1948? You can do your explaining to the police, David

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I have just received a letter telling me to be “grateful” as a black man for all “we have done for those black people who came to live here” or “go back to where ever you came from”. I was born in the Whittington Hospital the son of Windrush migrants. And I will speak for them.

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There are 35 recommendations in the Lammy Review. Implement them. 110 recommendations in the Angiolini Review. Implement them. 30 recommendations in the Windrush Lessons Learned Review. Implement them. 26 recommendations in Baroness McGregor-Smith's Review. Implement them.

More than two years later, 95% of Windrush victims who have submitted claims are still without a penny of compensation. @BorisJohnson  if you believe #BlackLivesMatter  I urge you not just to set up another working group but to Act. #WindrushDay 

This is the shocking true story of Anthony Bryan. Just one of the hundreds of victims at the heart of the Windrush immigration scandal. #SittingInLimbo  Monday 8th June, 8.30pm @BBCOne  & @BBCiPlayer 

The Conservatives have marked their own homework & decreed that Britain is a "model" on racial equality. It's a disgraceful sham. From Windrush to Grenfell, the Criminal Justice system to rates of poverty, systemic racism is all too real. We demand change, not this whitewash.

Scandal is not a strong enough word for what this country did to the Windrush generation. It’s utterly shameful. A national disgrace. #SittingInLimbo 

‘Boris Johnson sent out 8 tweets on Fri on Winston Churchill & statues; he’s never tweeted 8 times in a day on coronavirus..or on the Windrush review ‘Let’s get to the something abt these historic injustices...act now..’ @DavidLammy ⁩ | @BBCOne ⁩ #marr 

"We want rehabilitation, now that would be amazing But Grenfell victims still need accommodation And we still need support for the Windrush generation." @Santandave1  #Brits2020