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The rise of great-power subversion today is merely a return to the historical norm, argue Jill Kastner and William C. Wohlforth.

THEYRE GOING TO THE BIG SHOW! LUCAS KOZENIESKY AND WILLIAM SHANER QUALIFIED FOR MENS 10m AIR RIFLE FINALS! See you all in the finals hall in about an hour! Catch the stream on NBC at 3:30 JST, 2:30am EST! #Shooting  #TokyoOlympics  #USAShooting  @TeamUSA 

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Mens 10m Air Rifle Qualification starts NOW! Here’s the link to live scores where you can follow along as William Shaner and Lucas Kozeniesky chase their Olympic dreams: #Shooting  #TokyoOlympics  #USAShooting 

Really impressed. This is William Eklund, he's 18. The #SJSharks  just "stole" him with the 7th overall pick. Watch his first interview… he'll be in the NHL sooner than later. ➡️

Running 4 Heroes has given away over twenty grants since being founded. Linn Co. Deputy, William Halverson, is the first injured first responder Zechariah Cartledge knew before making the donation.

A 12-year old from Florida who runs to raise money for first responders making a stop in Cedar Rapids today to honor Linn County Deputy William Halverson.

Retired Iowa state trooper William Wrunk helped escort the start of the first RAGBRAI. What does he remember about that day?

Retired Iowa state trooper William Wrunk helped escort the start of the first RAGBRAI. What does he remember about that day?


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Let’s be clear. There was a fertile field of lies that allowed the Big Lie to take root. And for years, William Barr helped till the soil and plant and water the seeds of bad faith, false equivalence, and, ultimately, injustice.

BREAKING: Attorney General William Barr tells AP that the Justice Department hasn't uncovered widespread voting fraud that could have changed 2020 election outcome.

“Law professors and faculty from George Washington University Law School, Attorney General William Barr's alma mater, said in a letter Tuesday he has ‘failed to fulfill his oath of office to 'support and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ “

William Barr is not the President’s lawyer – he is the country’s lawyer. His political interference is blatantly corrupt and he should resign.

Attorney-General William Barr just now. "This is a hearing. I thought I was supposed to be heard."

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL “Trump Wins in Portland” “Something big has changed in Portland, Ore. After weeks of chaos and flames outside the city’s federal courthouse, the past few days have seen the violence subside dramatically. What happened?” William McGurn@WSJ 

Chef William Wongso is an Indonesian legend who has mastered over 200 varieties of Rendang. #Uncharted 

The corruption, rot and incompetence of William Barr's Justice Department are extraordinary and heartbreaking.

Donald Ayer, who preceded Barr as deputy attorney general under George H.W. Bush: "I am here because I believe that William Barr poses the greatest threat in my lifetime to our rule of law and to public trust in it."

This is a naked abuse of power. I’ve already called for AG William Barr to resign & for Congress to impeach him. Congress should pass my bill now to defund Barr’s authority to interfere with matters related to Trump, his family, & his campaign.