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New study: On a ten-hour flight, a passenger in business class sick with #covid19  infected at least 12 other passengers—many beyond six feet away. This was in March, before masks were mandated or in widespread use.

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Court Halts “Drastic Operational Changes” at USPS, Warning of Widespread Disenfranchisement

In MN/early voting, @GarrettHaake : "This widespread destabilizing of how we're going to vote appears to be a strategy that the President is going to continue to employ, but to what effect, I don't really know." #AMRstaff 

Nigerian scientists develop vaccine for Covid-19Widespread flooding in South Sudan And, we catch up with our resident presidents This and more on Focus on Africa

Jobless Rates in Northeast, West Are Highest in Nation: Unemployment rates in regions across the U.S. moved down this summer after peaking in April, when the coronavirus first triggered widespread lockdowns. Still, jobless… ^WSJ #Business  #Finance  #CFO 

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Coronavirus: 'Widespread virus growth’ across the country - and increase in hospital admissions

🚴 Lance is coming to @BBCiPlayer  tomorrow. Hear from the man himself about his battle with testicular cancer, Tour de France victories and dramatic downfall after being exposed in a widespread doping scandal:

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The Netherlands has begun proceedings against the regime in Syria for widespread torture, an important step that could bring the matter before the International Court of Justice. Daily Brief: #JusticeMatters 

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For developers who are erecting massive new towers in Canary Wharf, widespread WFH could be a cause for concern


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Barr says elections that have been held with mail have been marked by widespread fraud that’s false

Video shows large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon - which has caused widespread damage and injured hundreds of people, Lebanese Red Cross says

the widespread influence of ‘baby shark’ is harmful to the young generation due to it’s propagation of heteronormative family structure in this essay i will-

Trump is finally wearing a mask. Too little too late. His refusal to develop national pandemic policy based on science has led to widespread confusion and cost us many thousands of lives. Trump has rejected science. In November, we must come together and reject Trump.

Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, "That's up to India." This is a failure of leadership on human rights.

Let me translate for you. “Widespread voter fraud” really means a lot of "those kinds of people" voting.

I was born into a world before widespread vaccines conquered many scourges. Science saved countless lives and lessened human suffering. To see some of these diseases roar back because of human folly is infuriating and sad. We need science and reason, not dangerous superstition.

The eastern puma has been declared extinct. They were once widespread in every state east of Mississippi river, but have been decimated by humans.

I'm sorry, but the lack of widespread, accurate testing at this point is a national scandal. We have the benefit of learning from the countries that came before us in this pandemic and one big lesson is: find out the scope of the problem as accurately and as early as possible.

GOP doesn't investigate Russian attack on our democracy. They don't want to investigate accusations against Kavanaugh. But when it comes to the myth of widespread "voter fraud" or conspiracy theories on Benghazi, they're all in. It's about political power, not power of the truth.