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Sen. Ted Cruz may have told his biggest lie yet with the claim that Republicans never engaged in court packing when they controlled the White House and Congress.

"What this actually shows me is that white supremacy is scared to death of us and it absolutely should be. This is what you do when you cannot win fair and square. You suppress votes and you suppress voice." @MsPackyetti  on Republicans pushing anti-protest legislation.

White House signals cool reception to Senate Republicans’ calls to trade spending cuts for debt ceiling increase

For many white Republicans in Bladen County, N.C., the origin story of how their town became the poster-child for election fraud lies with seven nursing home ballots from 2010. In our new podcast, @zchace  tracks those ballots down.

Pockets of resistance persist, such as in the military and with Republicans and White evangelical Christians. The Editorial Board has the latest:

White House signals cool reception to Senate Republicans' calls to trade spending cuts for debt ceiling increase @TonyRomm  / Washington Post)

@TonyRomm  reports: White House signals cool reception to Senate Republicans’ calls to trade spending cuts for debt ceiling increase

White House signals cool reception to Senate Republicans’ calls to trade spending cuts for debt ceiling increase, by @TonyRomm 

Senate Republicans signaled they may oppose any future increase to the debt ceiling unless Congress also couples it with comparable federal spending cuts, raising the specter of a political showdown between GOP leaders and the White House this summer.


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A study showed voters in predominantly black neighborhoods waited 29 percent longer, on average, than those in white neighborhoods. They were also about 74 percent more likely to wait for more than half an hour. So GA Republicans responded by making it illegal to give them water.

So @CoriBush  denounces white supremacy on the House floor, and the Republicans literally boo. OK, then. That is very clear.

Senate Republicans just blocked a unanimous vote on a resolution condemning white supremacy. It passed the House unanimously. They said that after 9 months of the legislation languishing that the committees of jurisdiction needed to look at it and consider their “equities.”

I asked President Trump what he thinks of people seeing his rhetoric as emboldening white nationalists and whether he was concerned that Republicans would be seen as supporting white nationalists. His response: "That's a racist question."

The White House excuses keep changing. First it was: the House hasn’t held a vote. Then, a claim of immunity never upheld by a court. Now they want their lawyers to participate, which is against the rules Republicans wrote. It doesn’t add up—except as evidence of obstruction.

....The Dems and their committees are going “nuts.” The Republicans never did this to President Obama, there would be no time left to run government. I hear other committee heads will do the same thing. Even stealing people who work at White House! A continuation of Witch Hunt!

Just a reminder that Republicans blocked us from subpoenaing Kavanaugh documents from his time at the White House and have been keeping a majority of his records from the public. Americans deserve better than a rushed process.

House Republicans impeached Bill Clinton. Then Republicans won the House again in next election. And Republicans won the Senate again. And Republicans won the White House. It’s a political myth that the Clinton impeachment hurt Republicans.

BREAKING: have requested ALL Kavanaugh White House records from the Archives, just as Republicans did for Kagan in 2010. But today, Rs withheld their support. We MUST fully vet nominees for lifetime appointments to the highest court in the land. #ReleaseTheRecords 

What passes for logic in the Oval Office: Republicans control the Senate. Republicans control the House. Republicans control the White House. Last year, tweeted that we need a “good shutdown.” If government closes, who’s responsible? Democrats!