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Andrew Brown Jr. is being laid to rest in North Carolina: "For the Black folks, White folks, Democrats and Republicans, all watching today, they all need to know that we are tired. We're tired of the cycle of grief that comes along with being Black in this country."

After neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville, North Carolina, and then president Donald Trump responded by saying there were “good people on both sides,” people who abhor white supremacism stood up, took notice, and condemned the marchers.

With beach season in full swing, six Great White sharks are currently swimming off the coast of North Carolina.

With beach season in full swing, six Great White sharks are currently swimming off the coast of North Carolina.

With beach season in full swing, six Great White sharks are currently swimming off the coast of North Carolina.

Incredible to watch this again! This pre-pandemic video shows North Carolina educator Barry White Jr. @thatsbwhite  keeping it real with his students by greeting them every day with the special "handshake" of their choosing! (Still) love it!

North Carolina is trying to hide the execution of #AndrewBrownJr . Withholding body cam footage doesn’t protect the investigation, it protects white supremacy, the lawlessness of policing, and killer cops. The whole damn system is guilty as hell. RT.

Black woman 'shocked' after white North Carolina city official is fired for disrespecting her

A North Carolina city council fired a man for 'white privilege and entitlement' after he refused to address a Black woman by her professional title

Andrew Brown shooting: seven North Carolina deputies placed on leave —- why do the public (especially non white) not trust the cops? Anytime an inquiry is called bodycam footage goes missing 📸 scumbags - absolute scum


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A Black man falsely imprisoned for 44 years is fighting for compensation, after North Carolina gave just $750K. An all-white jury wrongly convicted Ronnie Long for raping a white woman, with allegations of evidence tampering. He told @wcnc : "$750K is worth 44 years of my life?"

Madison Cawthorn, a Republican candidate for the House from North Carolina, created an attack website accusing a journalist of leaving a job in academia “to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker, who aims to ruin white males running for office.”

Mail-in ballots cast by Black and Latino voters are being rejected at higher rates than white voters, report @nytimes  and local outlets: - Georgia: Black rejection 2X higher - Florida: Black, Latino rejection 2X higher - North Carolina: Black, Latino rejection almost 4X higher

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Marine Veteran Terry Sharpe has taken a 300-mile walk from his home in North Carolina to Washington, D.C., seven times to raise awareness of veteran suicide. Terry took the final steps of his last 300-mile walk at the White House today! US

LeVelle Moton, head men's basketball coach at North Carolina Central University, says he wants more white, Power Five coaches to stop being silent in the wake of George Floyd's death.

Just returned to the White House from the Great State of North Carolina. What a crowd, and what great people. The enthusiasm blows away our rivals on the Radical Left. #2020  will be a big year for the Republican Party!

Just returned to the White House from the Great States of North Carolina and South Carolina where incredible work is being done on the ongoing fight against hurricane Florence. Tremendous talent and spirit!

1. There is a Congressional election on September 10 in North Carolina and the Republican candidate, Dan Bishop, is an investor in Gab, a fringe social media network that caters to white supremacists and anti-Semites It gets worse.

Leaving the White House for the Great State of North Carolina. Big progress being made on many fronts!

A white woman who was filmed harassing two black women at a North Carolina apartment complex, asking them if they lived there, saying "I got you, I'm white, b**ch" and gloating about how much money she makes was fired from her job. (?: Chele Garris)