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Hope Hicks left the White House for the last time on Tuesday, sources say, in a final departure planned before the January 6 riot at the US Capitol

Hope Hicks, one of President Trump's most influential confidantes and a longtime loyalist, had her last day in the White House Tuesday, sources say. The departure was planned before the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.

US President Donald Trump may have lost re-election but he would be escorted out of the White House on Tuesday night with a special prize: Africa’s worst friend in modern times. 

Hope Hicks left the White House for the last time on Tuesday, sources say, in a final departure planned before the January 6 riot at the US Capitol

Hope Hicks is reportedly no longer working at the White House. NBC News reports that her last day was Wednesday, while CNN is reporting her last day was Tuesday.

NEW: Hope Hicks' last day at the White House was Tuesday: reports

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Democratic effort to impeach Trump for a second time took a dramatic turn Tuesday as several senior House Republicans joined the push to remove the president for his role in inciting an angry mob to storm the Capitol last week, and the White House braced for more defections @FT 

President Donald Trump again condemned the violence that occurred at the Capitol as he was boarding Air Force One while leaving the White House on his way to Texas Tuesday morning.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar announced on Tuesday that the White House coronavirus task force would be advising states to begin to vaccinate the next tier of priority recipients, including anyone over the age of 65 and anyone with a documented comorbidity.

Rep. Mo Books statement suggests WH involvement in Jan 6 event prior to siege: "..on Tuesday morning, January 5, I had a telephone call with Brian Jack, White House Political Director. He asked me to speak at the Trump rally the next day."


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BREAKING from CNN:   “The Justice Department is investigating a potential crime related to funneling money to the White House in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to a court record unsealed on Tuesday by the chief judge of the DC District Court.”

Georgia, you voted in record numbers to send @JoeBiden  and @KamalaHarris  to the White House. Now we need you to show up again to vote @ReverendWarnock  and Jon@ossoff  to the U.S. Senate. Make your plan to vote on Tuesday, January 5 at .

17 days from now, we are going to win the Great State of WISCONSIN, and we are going to win 4 more years in the White House! Early Voting begins on Tuesday in WISCONSIN — so make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE! #MAGA 

White House officials believe POTUS was infected at the event for Judge Barrett on Saturday Sept 26. They will not say when POTUS last tested negative, raising questions as to whether he was tested at all between infection and the debate Tuesday Sept 29. This is important...

Ohio Gov @mikedewine8  tells me that even though Trump (and others on his team) were likely infected when in Ohio Tuesday, the White House didn't call to let him know they tested positive. Nor have they reached out to him to contact trace to find Ohioans possibly exposed by POTUS.

Tuesday was six months since White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said because of Trump: “We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here..and isn't it refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday that he would consider putting one in place if the White House told him to.” What does this cowardly remark even mean? Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. You’re inaction is going to kill Florida seniors.

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow just told us he got an early version of the Mueller Report on Tuesday. That confirms AG Barr provided a version of the report to both the White House and The President's defense attorney days before providing anything to Congress. live on

NEW — White House privately sent out anti-Vindman talking points Tuesday, effectively trashing its own employee to pro-Trump surrogates With @swin24 

Kavanaugh’s hearings start on Tuesday. We still haven’t seen thousands, if not millions, of documents from his career. And now, the White House is claiming executive privilege, so they can't release 100,000 pages of Kavanaugh's records. What are they hiding?