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You can’t run the most reckless monetary and fiscal experiment in history without the bill eventually coming due. The first invoice arrived as inflation. The second has come as a financial panic, with economic damage that may not end with SVB.

Tens of Thousands of U.K. Doctors Strike to Recover Salaries Lost to Inflation

Wall Street ends green as inflation cools, bank jitters ebb

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After $1 Trillion Lost To Inflation, Consumers’ Resilience Has Reached The Breaking Point

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Thinking that Central Banks will fix inflation is like assuming you can turn someone who has been a structural alcoholic for 5 decades into a sober person within a month

It is a community effort - as Covid dollars dry up and inflation hits families - when businesses step in to help. It goes a long way toward getting students to school, and on their way to a successful future.

US inflation cools, but banking challenges mount

Real Yield: a well-designed token economy that rewards all stakeholders leads to sustainability. Fake Yield: token inflation means that token-holders end up being the exit liquidity.

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After 8 years as Nigeria’s president, Buhari leaves behind a dismal legacy: CORRUPTION, A JUNK CURRENCY, SOARING INFLATION, and last but not least, a FLAWED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in which his man, Bola Tinubu, was pronounced the winner.

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Why can’t witchcraft defeat inflation!?

Oil companies have already posted $127 billion in profit this year versus $42 billion over the same period last year. Folks, inflation isn’t being driven by workers asking for better wages or government spending. It’s being driven by corporate greed.

Memo to the media: Please don't say inflation is at a 40-year high without also mentioning that corporate profits are at a 70-year high. Give the people the full picture.

Inflation Rate 🇪🇺: 10.9% DE : 10.9% GB : 10.1% IT : 9.4% ES : 9% IE : 8.6% US : 8.2% No. Inflation is not going up in the U.S. because the working class got a $1,400 check 19 months ago. Multinational corporations are jacking up prices worldwide.

us: left govt, high inflation uk: right govt, high inflation germany: centrist govt, high inflation italy: everyone in govt, high inflation wild guess it’s not the govt

Meat prices increased by double digits. Tyson’s CEO says they’re asking customers to “pay for inflation.” Meanwhile, Tyson’s posted $1 billion in profits last quarter — a 48% increase from the first quarter of 2021. Don't be fooled. This is about corporate greed. It always is.

Inflation. Their salary went up!!

Shock. Shock. Shock. Gas prices are at the highest level in 7 years while Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell & BP made nearly $25 billion in profits last quarter – the highest level in over 7 years. The problem is not inflation. The problem is corporate greed, collusion & profiteering.

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