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Newsy and @politifact  breakdown President Trump's CPAC speech on #WhatTheFact  this Sunday at 10:30am ET.

Identify the worlds only floating national park, which is located in Bishnupur district, Manipur? #WhatTheFact 

Identify the mythical creature that is featured in the center of the Bengaluru FC crest? #WhatTheFact 

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Which of the following is the amalgamation of the Sanskrit words for 'Ice' and 'Home' #WhatTheFact 

Which of these Gods is also known as Ramapati, Ramakant, and Ramaraman? #WhatTheFact 

Which of the following is a joint bi-annual military exercise conducted by the Indian Navy and the Russian Navy? #WhatTheFact 

Vishnu is the right answer. In the Hindu trinity (Trimurti) that includes Brahma and Shiva, Vishnu is the "preserver". #WhatTheFact 

Himalaya is the right answer. The word Himalaya is derived from "hima" meaning ice or snow and "alaya" meaning abode. #WhatTheFact 

Which of the following social reformers was affectionately called "Deenbandhu"? #WhatTheFact 


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Which state of India houses the world's largest solar park? #WhatTheFact 

Which of the following institutions were started by a Congress Govt. #WhatTheFact 

Which of the following states is the first to launch a state sponsored mobile food trucks termed as Indira Canteen Yojana? #WhatTheFact 

Which of the following institutes of higher education in Meghalaya were established by Congress Governments? #WhatTheFact 

The 'BrahMos' missile gets its name from two rivers. One being river Moskva from Russia. Identify the other. #WhatTheFact 

Test your knowledge of India with our new quiz series #WhatTheFact 

Identify the premier educational institute from its logo. #WhatTheFact 

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Identify the Portuguese colony to which this currency belongs to. #WhatTheFact 

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Which of the following classical dance forms is native to Northern India? #WhatTheFact 

So about that "biggest electoral college win" Trump just bragged about... #WhatTheFact ?

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