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#WhatsAtStake when religious extremists begin imposing Christian Sharia Law

21.1 million Americans will lose their health coverage if the Supreme Court strikes down the ACA. #WhatsAtStake 

WATCH: @SenAmyKlobuchar  lays out Judge Barrett’s record on health care, Roe, and gun safety. That’s #WhatsAtStake 

So many of my constituents came forward to share #WhatsAtStake  with this SCOTUS nomination. Here’s Gaye’s story:

With President Trump’s nomination of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court, marriage equality is #WhatsAtStake .

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America’s women have fought for generations for the right to choose. We won’t go back. #WhatsAtStake 

Question of the day: If Kavanaugh would have let Nixon off the hook, what is he willing to do for President Trump? #WhatsAtStake 

RT if you agree: Women, not politicians, should be in charge of their own bodies. #WhatsAtStake 

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Tonight @realDonaldTrump  is starting a forced march back to the days when women’s health care choices were made by government. #WhatsAtStake