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#WhatsApp's infamous privacy policy: What will happen if you don't accept it today? #WhatsAppPrivacyPolicy 

COVID-19 disruptions around the 🌍 have delayed the care expectant mothers need for a safe and healthy pregnancy. To protect mothers and babies, doctors in India are turning to WhatsApp and mobile technologies to provide care, even from afar.

WhatsApp to force users to accept changes to terms of service

What You Should Know Before Accepting WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy | by @SoyEntrepreneur 

WhatsApp to force users to accept changes to terms of service

Huntella offers certified used Lenovo ThinkPad UltraBook + warranty with stand alone 100% detachable touch screen | 11 inches | 256GB SSD 8GB RAM + core M backlight N220,000. Follow @HuntellaDotNet  & DM to order. WhatsApp +2348189097665. #AskHuntellaFirst 

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Tomorrow: WhatsApp deadline for users to agree to new terms and conditions (15 May)


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Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger have stopped working

Been seeing my grandson recently, which is why I couldn’t restrain the tears when I saw this whatsapp post. Life, whatever its imperfections & challenges, is a gift; it’s up to us to make the most of it. Images like this help me retain my unfailing optimism

JUST IN: WhatsApp will no longer require users to accept updated terms of service by 8th of February

Are you protesting to #EndSars  in Nigeria? Send us a selfie-style video explaining why you’re demonstrating. You can WhatsApp us your video on +4477 7511 8171

Sharing correct information, avoiding incorrect panic. Here is an effort by WhatsApp and @mygovindia  to ensure you receive accurate and verified information on Coronavirus. Please click on this link or send Hi on +919013151515. #IndiaFightsCorona 

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📲 - "The only person that can hit me up on WhatsApp this time is Klopp so we can celebrate together!" @daRealAkinfenwa  may have just given the best post-match interview ever...😂

Things that didn't exist on Christmas 15 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram iPad Netflix streaming Google Maps Snapchat Spotify Android Uber Lyft Alexa Airbnb App Store Google Chrome WhatsApp Fitbit Waze Slack Square Dropbox Pinterest Venmo Bitcoin Hulu Kindle

I will note that all of these exchanges between State Department officials were on WhatsApp on their private devices not on state department email. ?

Brrp Brrp... it's a Whatsapp ring as well ?

BREAKING: In letter to WH, Rep. Cummings reveals that KUSHNER was routinely using WhatsApp to conduct official business as recently as Dec. 2018. Kushner's lawyer told lawmakers he screenshots messages to preserve them. Cummings wants details by April 4.