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Alex Salmond achieved an independence ref, with 1 mandate, 45% of the vote, when only 6 MPs at Westmin. Now with 5-6 SNP mandates, PlanA motionless, and UK Gov on a reckless Brexit -perhaps his strategic brain should be sought on Scotland's current jam?

@mckcol  @MarkH1231973T  @SNPChrishe  idea of independence isn't agreeable to westmin I m not too bothered about them ... What is daily bothersome is an SNP Dec19 manifesto than closed eyes ears and gave the Boris Veto, - with the predicted predictably now happening 🙄

@DavidCrooky8  With the only show in twin plan A use the spectre of plan B to thump table with Westmin to demand it. Whatever ... But doing nothing is worst option.

And we have Plan C!! 👇👍 .... Which on the proposed basis could be done NOW as Westmin saying NO..

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What is happening is - IF Westmin unfairly, in the view of the people, keeps blocking a Sec30 then have a PlanB of direct mandate at an election. Now it is for SNP at all levels to embrace that fact! No one can tell a nation this far & no further 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#ScotRef I always thought of PlanB (election win) to ensure PlanA (Sec30 ref) BUT some folk suggesting PlanB only, of direct election mandate- & not giving Westmin opportunity of then escaping to PlanA when they know majority voting indy (PlanB) at election! Ur mandate view👇

Virtual Parliament sort of back, Speaker is enabling me to take part in Questions, Statements and Urgent Qus. Risk is too high to gamble with health in the islands to do the Westmin conga-line vote for 45mins when I should be able to vote from croft in 90secs.

All the more reason to ensure we rid of the westmin gov 👍

So an English Health Minister in the UK Parli has #cronovirus . Which MPs did she meet in last 3 weeks? and have I met them subsequently. Meanwhile my pal at home, who I delivered a lamb for yesterday, is 82yrs old -this is unsettling - Raised concerns about Westmin a week ago.

Not a good omen for the fishing industry! As the one area where the UK Gov can help fishing now, allowing non EEA crews to work in the industry, is the one area not addressed by Fisheries Minister in a Westmin debate on fisheries. UK Gov only needs a pen to solve this problem


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The Westmin Village game of who should be "interim PM' is an interesting parlour game .. But Scotland's demand should be #RevokeArticle50  by mid Sept or it is #indyref2  time for us.. We can't listen to the Titanic orchestra much longer - Scot Gov ministers have an opportunity

Former Tory cabinet minister just told me "Wme are in a crazy parliament - the SNP looks like the only balanced sensible party around here" - not sure we want to be Westmin model MPs :)))

& In middle of Westmin Debacle some LabTory dreamers delude themselves that chance for Scot Indy gone ? Reality - its getting far closer.

Scotland invested directly in #CommonwealthGames  ..but the resultant increased tax receipts dont go to Scotland but Osborne at Westmin Gov!