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#Exclusive | "I will resign if any of the documents I have provided about Sameer Wankhede are proven wrong. Charges on Aryan Khan and my son-in-law are false": Nawab Malik, @nawabmalikncp ), Maharashtra Minister#SameerWakhede  #NCB  #AryanKhanCase  #NewsToday  | @sardesairajdeep 

"Maharashtra today crossed 3 crore mark for fully vaccinated people. That’s the highest in the country for those who are fully vaccinated," tweets Maharashtra Minister Aaditya Thackeray@AUThackeray ) #COVID19 

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#Exclusive | "All the questions I have raised are based on evidence. I am 100% sure about Sameer Wankhede's caste certificate. It is a case of fraud": Nawab Malik, @nawabmalikncp ), Maharashtra Minister#SameerWakhede  #NCB  #AryanKhanCase  #NewsToday  | @sardesairajdeep 

#Exclusive | "This is not my personal war. NCB is generating fear in people's mind. My son-in-law was falsely framed": Nawab Malik, @nawabmalikncp ), Maharashtra Minister#SameerWakhede  #NCB  #AryanKhanCase  #NewsToday  | @sardesairajdeep 

$A2H7CH #ContourGlobal  Plc ContourGlobal - 9M21 Trading Update: ContourGlobal has posted a solid 9M21 performance, led by the acquisition of the Western Generation Portfolio earlier this year. Both operationally and financially… #equity  #stocks 

Maharashtra vs NCB, Goa CM in the line on fire and much more! #NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep  | #ITLivestream 

Even as California has declared a statewide drought emergency in response to a federal shortage declaration for the Colorado River, Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, says blaming St. George for the strain on the water supply in the western U.S. is misguided.

Maharashtra vs NCB, Goa CM in the line on fire, will politics derail law on Aryan Khan case? #NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep 


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NEW: there’s been a lot of chatter about why cases, hospitalisations and deaths are much higher in the UK than elsewhere in Western Europe. I think a lot of the commentary has been overly simplistic, politicised and at-times flat-out wrong. Let’s see if we can do better:

I thank the people of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand for blessing the BJP in various by-polls. Our party will keep working for people’s welfare. Gratitude to the BJP Karyakartas for their untiring determination.

Today, I signed a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara.  Morocco's serious, credible, and realistic autonomy proposal is the ONLY basis for a just and lasting solution for enduring peace and prosperity!

Morocco recognized the United States in 1777.  It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

Deep, dark secrets weigh heavy on people. I hate it for the innocent family members caught up in this fiasco. But the whole house is about to come crashing down. The greatest scandal in the history of western civilization.

A half million people in Oregon evacuate as wildfires rage. Over 3 million acres in California burned. The western sky is red. An 800-mile derecho destroyed towns in Iowa. The Arctic topped 100 degrees. The Green New Deal has been called "expensive." Compared to what?

To be clear: there is no other Western democracy I can think of where armed men in camo and other military-style gear regularly turn up on the streets of cities and towns, who aren't themselves anything to do with law enforcement but who get left alone by law enforcement.

Centre as a custodian of the Constitution, should ask the Governor of Maharashtra for a report on the present ugly Mumbai-Patna clash of States’ Police, which may harm the cause of justice in the SSR mysterious death because of fudging that is going on to make it look a suicide.

So the NBA's inviting 22 teams to Orlando: 13 Western Conference, 9 Eastern Conference. Eight-regular season games per team. Play-in for the 8th seeds. July 31-October 12. Vote tomorrow to ratify. The NBA's back.