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Denying the Holocaust is illegal in several European countries and offenders can end up in jail. Pakistan's Prime Minister now wants Western governments to impose the same punishment on those who insult the Prophet Muhammad.

Just over half (51%) say inequalities between more and less deprived areas of the country are one of the most serious types of inequality. This is much higher than the European average of 39% and above any other western European nation.

Compared to women in western European countries, U.S. women are more likely to work full‐​time, the U.S. labor market is less segregated by sex, and women are more likely to work as professionals in the United States.

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Western officials said the @JoeBiden  administration and #Iran  had mainly communicated indirectly via European parties to the deal - Britain, France and Germany - and that they believe Iran now wants to discuss a broader plan to return to the pact

Various UN bodies have criticised the Danish government’s designation of “non-Western” ⤵️ “The effect is that ‘non-Western’ disproportionately means Denmark’s non-white, non-European ethnic populations.”

Norway is considering #sanctions  against #China , following the United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Canada against Xinjiang officials. Read how China could respond, considering Beijing's state media campaign against Western companies.

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The anger between member states is more complicated. Diplomats in Brussels from different countries cannot even agree on what they are disagreeing about. Western European diplomats say there is no disagreement at all.

Two European nations - one in Western Europe and another in Central Europe - have pushed back against Chinese plans bringing to focus rising skepticism about Beijing and its ambitions

The boycott of Western retail plays for their pledge not to use Chinese cotton allegedly produced with forced labor has sent a shock wave through European stock markets.

Beijing insists Xinjiang is an "internal affair" and has gone into attack mode as Western opprobrium mounts, putting sanctions on individuals from the European Union and Britain who have taken up the Uyghur cause.


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President-elect Joe Biden’s calls with four Western European leaders signaled a return to diplomatic normalcy and their support for his election win.

“If China sticks to its new course, the Western world will react more decisively.” China’s abuse of human rights and intensifying crackdown on Hong Kong will provoke a major international backlash, according to one of their closest European partners.

‘All previous prime ministers, including Thatcher, selected talented people to serve in their cabinets, even when they disagreed with them. I cannot think of a western European premier since Mussolini who has surrounded himself with so many mediocrities.’

NEW: Czech Republic unveils European countries map divided into 3 categories: 🔴High Risk - UK and Sweden 🟡Medium Risk - Most of Western Europe 🟢Low Risk - Central and Eastern Europe Those coming from medium/high-risk countries will need negative test result to gain entry

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Memo to left-wing Americans who adore Sanders’s radical “socialism” and to right-wing Americans who are horrified by Sanders’s evil “socialism”, in most other Western/European countries, Sanders would be considered a pretty mainstream, centre-left social democrat. #justsayin 

NEW: here’s today’s update of the coronavirus outbreak trajectory chart Current data show the virus spreading faster in the US than in all European countries except Italy, but all western outbreaks remain on broadly similar paths

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“Since this is yet another Ukrainian scandal with a link to the natural gas industry, analysts in Kiev expect Russia to argue to Western European nations that it now must move forward with the stalled Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The project would send Russian natural gas to Europe.”

Interesting. Worth noting that every Western European country except Italy has had faster median income growth than the US

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The Merkel intervention looks epochal. A Western world order that delivered over 70 years of historically unprecedented European peace gone.

@SadiqKhan : "It's possible to be a Londoner, a Brit, a European, a Muslim and to be western."