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State officials on Wednesday began to sketch out plans for getting COVID-19 vaccinations to West Virginians, indicating that nursing homes and health care providers will be the initial priorities.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin said more than 48,000 West Virginians need help heating their homes and keeping their families warm.

Two West Virginians said their state-funded health insurance won't cover hormone replacement therapy solely because they are transgender, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday.

Today, I ask all West Virginians to thank a Veteran in their life for their service & sacrifice. These Veterans are our family, friends, neighbors, & coworkers. We are forever indebted to our Veterans & service members. Their patriotism should never go unrecognized. #VeteransDay 

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Gov. Jim Justice criticized West Virginians for not getting tested for COVID-19, but county health officials say several factors are hindering widespread testing, including counties' inability to give notice of testing events far enough in advance.

West Virginia split off from Virginia during the Civil War because West Virginians hated Virginia's slave dominated politics. That basic coalition lasted until 2000! Now it's chain store land It was under Bill Clinton that Walmart opened a store in every state.

NEW from our @PolitiFact  West Virginia partnership with @wvumediacollege : How many West Virginians would lose coverage if the lawsuit against ACA prevails? Fewer than a Democratic candidate said.

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Friday once again called on West Virginians to get tested for COVID-19 as he said his administration and health officials would do more to make testing more accessible throughout the state. ?

West Virginians Were Promised an Economic Revival. It Hasn’t Happened Yet.


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Sometimes in journalism, there are situations when you have to break bad news to people and share uncomfortable information. Today, I had to inform several Virginians that they were Kanye West electors.

I am receiving troubling reports from West Virginians that there are numerous post office locations scheduled for imminent closure or significant reduction in hours and services. I wrote to Postmaster General Louis Dejoy today seeking answers. MORE:

WATCH: @BradPaisley  is a proud WV native & tonight he’s joining my call for West Virginians to #StayHome  & protect our elderly & high-risk population from the #coronavirus . Thank you Brad for sharing this livesaving message & for the wonderful performance of “Country Roads!”

ZERO Democrats voted for tax cuts. That means: Joe Manchin voted against raises for West Virginians. Heidi Heitkamp voted against bonuses for North Dakotans. Bill Nelson voted against more jobs for Floridians.

Pro-Kavanaugh group is offering $150 to protest outside Manchin’s office and got virtually zero West Virginians to do it

I urge Senator McConnell to allow the Senate to vote on this important amendment. Nearly 800,000 West Virginians and 1.8 million Kentuckians’ lives depend on it. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, this is life or death to many.

. can backpedal all he wants, but West Virginians know he's a super-supporter who won't stand with . #WVSen 

Manchin: Many West Virginians are getting insurance now for first time. Most don't know how they got it, but they'll know who takes it away

People fought and died to make sure that all of us have a right to vote. Trump's remarks asking West Virginians not to vote are disgraceful.

West Virginians, head to the polls today. RT this if you’re voting for Hillary.

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