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Two scientists, who won kudos from their protegees for being attentive to students’ well-being, ideas and accomplishments, have received the 2019 Nature Awards for Mentoring in Science.

Chief Justice of India SA Bobde at International Judicial Conference in Delhi: In one of the cases before us, we have held that the present generation has no right to impede the safety and well-being of the next generation or of the generations to come thereafter.

Ahead of #ENGvIRE , a reminder from our charity partner, Extern, to 'TACKLE' your feelings during the @rbs_6_nations  and beyond. For more info on six steps which can help to improve wellbeing, visit ’ @extern1978  website👇 #SixNationsSixSteps  …

Warmest congratulations to our Bruneian friends on the occasion of the National Day of  BN ! Wishing you peace, continued prosperity and well-being. Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Negara#Brunei  Darussalam! @brunei_pmo 

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"Due to the status of the coronavirus in Italy, Mr. Armani has decided that he wants to safeguard the wellbeing of all his invited guests by not having them attend crowded spaces," a spokesperson said.

The Owlet gives insight on a baby's well-being by monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels with a sock!

The Owlet gives insight on a baby's well-being by monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels with a sock!

The Owlet gives insight on a baby's well-being by monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels with a sock!

The Owlet gives insight on a baby's well-being by monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels with a sock!

Budget cuts at one of Adelaide’s busiest hospitals has left clinical staff fearing for their wellbeing amid claims “bullying” bosses have pressured workers to not take their sick leave.


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The budget is a statement of values. Once again, the #TrumpBudget  makes it painfully clear how little the President values the good health, financial security and well-being of America’s hard-working families.

In today’s materialistic world there is a risk of people becoming slaves to money, as though they were simply cogs in a huge money-making machine. This does nothing for human dignity, freedom, and genuine well-being. Wealth should serve humanity, and not the other way around.

“The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, well-being & dignity. It is a decision she must make for herself. When govt controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for her own choices.” - RBG

Scientists warn that constant fear and anger are bad for our health, while being compassionate and warm-hearted contributes to our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, just as we observe physical hygiene to stay well, we need to cultivate a kind of emotional hygiene too.

Fear and anxiety easily give way to anger and violence. The opposite of fear is trust, which, related to warm-heartedness, boosts our self-confidence. Compassion also reduces fear, reflecting as it does a concern for others’ well-being. This is what really attracts friends.

I really feel that some people neglect and overlook compassion because they associate it with religion. Of course, everyone is free to choose whether they pay religion any regard, but to neglect compassion is a mistake because it is the source of our own well-being.

Genuine friendship is not based on money and power, but on trust, which in turn develops as a result of showing concern for other people’s well-being. In other words, friendship is founded on warm-heartedness.

Inner transformation is not a matter of faith or prayer. It involves reason and the use of human intelligence. A calm and healthy mind has a very positive effect on our physical health and well-being.

It’s good to remember that other human beings are like us. We are born the same way; we die the same way. While we’re alive it’s better to be able to trust each other as friends. We earn other people’s trust when we show a genuine concern for their well-being.

We need to strengthen such inner values as contentment, patience and tolerance, as well as compassion for others. Keeping in mind that it is expressions of affection rather than money and power that attract real friends, compassion is the key to ensuring our own well-being.