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Silver lining is AnthonyWeiner's name didn't get mentioned at the FBI announcement.

Rudy Giuliani is the Anthony Weiner of Anthony Scaramuccis.

Trump says Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' reminds him of weiner'>Anthony Weiner

Trump says Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell' reminds him of AnthonyWeiner's infamous computer

Staying Home with @joshfoxfilm : Renowned environmental author and Rolling Stone contributing editor Jeff Goodell PLUS: Music from Low Cut Connie's weiner'>Adam Weiner!

Who’s gonna show their weiner on a meeting today? Cause yesterday was WAY better than the 6 months before

weiner'>Billionaire Russell Weiner has just flipped — for $48.19 million — two adjacent houses he bought five weeks ago from Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods.

Trump slams Hunter Biden's 'laptop from hell', likens it to Weiner's computer in Clinton email probe @realDonaldTrump 


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Joe Biden sniffs little girls. Hunter films himself smoking crack. Toobin plays with his penis while on a business Zoom call. weiner'>Anthony Weiner shares photos of his wiener. Bill Clinton is a known sex predator. And these sickos say @realDonaldTrump ’s conduct is inappropriate!

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What’s crazy...both October surprises as they are called...2016 Comey & now...can be entirely blamed on FBI headquarters and failure to properly investigate a laptop. They had Weiner’s in early Sep 2016 and they coulda had this one in early Sep 2019.

The case is being laid out. Barnett’s 302 release just 7 days after his interview isn’t a coincidence. Then there’s the Weiner Computer and FBI suppression revelations. Durham investigating the Clinton Foundation.

FBI Agent Who Discovered Hillary's Emails On Weiner Laptop Claims He Was Told To Erase Computer | Zero Hedge @MorningsMaria ⁩ @FoxBusiness ⁩

Sexual pervert weiner'>Anthony Weiner has zero business holding public office.

HUGE: Comey (mr ethics?) was FORCED to tell Congress about Weiner emails only because George Toscas at DOJ found out about them!

Her teenaged son made the drive-thru order for his mom. “And a weiner'>Sloppy Weiner.” Wait for it...😂🤣😭💀💀

Who else is excited about Avanetti/Weiner 2020?!? It’s gonna be Carlos Dangerous.

So, this is 1. not abt Clinton-sent emails 2. not about her server 3. found on weiner device 4. may be only 3 emails 5. wtf