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DoD records show Gen Milley’s call was coordinated with OSD. On Jan 1 talking points for the call were shared with OSD. Jan 4 OSD coordinated the call. On Jan 6 the Deputy Assist Sec of Defense for China held a call with his Chinese counterpart. Milley call with Gen Li was Jan 8.

Senior US officials tell Fox News the January 8 call between Gen Milley and Gen Li was initiated by the Chinese, even though preparations had been in the works for some time.

China's biggest movie star, Zhao Wei, who had 86M Weibo followers, was erased from China's internet on August 26, amid a clampdown on its entertainment industry @xinwenfan  / Wall Street Journal)

#NSTsports The BAM picked World No 27 Hoo Pang Ron-Cheah Yee See and World No 49 Chen Tang Jie-Peck Yen Wei for the Sudirman Cup as they look to groom their young players for the 2024 Paris Olympics. #SudirmanCup 

Zhao Wei was the Reese Witherspoon of China, then she was censored by the Communist Party amid a clampdown of the country’s entertainment industry.

The papers of party insider Li Rui were whisked out of China by his daughter and given to Stanford. His widow says they were stolen.

China erased Zhao Wei, its biggest movie star who had 86M Weibo followers, from its internet on August 26, amid a clampdown on its entertainment industry @xinwenfan  / Wall Street Journal)

Zhao Wei is China's biggest movie star. And she has been erased from the internet. @xinwenfan  has the details:

Trio swipes nearly $8K in Apple products from display case at LI Target store: police

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cLiMb OnBoArD! @zaynmalik ’s #MindofMine  5 year celebration train has arrived 🚂

China Virus Cover-up: Dr. Li-Meng Yan discusses how the Chinese communist regime covered up the origins of the deadly China Virus. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Defund the police. Starve departments of money til they *have* to fire their most violent, who cost them the most money. Make precincts pay up for the damage cops inflict, not taxpayers. Take away all their li'l military toys, which they don't even have training to use properly.

Coronavirus: Li Wenliang, doctor who alerted public to the outbreak, dies of the disease.

I commend Dr. Li-Meng Yan's courage. The Chinese Communist Party is doing everything it can to cover up their responsibility for the coronavirus, including silencing brave whistleblowers. With more than 570K lives lost, the world deserves to know the truth.

The #FBI  is seeking information on Wei Li Pang and Shu Gang Li, aka Linda and James. The couple are Chinese nationals who are on the run for allegedly conducting a human trafficking operation in their massage parlors in the Kansas City, Missouri, area.

nO tEaM iN nBa FiNaLs HiStOrY hAd CoMe BaCk FrOm TrAiLiNg 3-1 ? ? ?

Three years ago today, the Falcons took a 28-3 lead on the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. You know the rest.

Kyle Shanahan’s team has been outscored 46-0 inside the 4th quarter 10-minute mark of his last 2 Super Bowls (Super Bowl LI with Falcons in 2016 vs. Patriots).

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