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A COVID-19 case detected in Queensland at the weekend has been traced back to hotel quarantine in Brisbane.

Did a quick stop over at Atlantic City, NJ this weekend. Ocean, hard rock casinos, board walk packed. 99% without masks. Seems we are back to normal!

New courses announced for 2021 St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend

First weekend of the off-offseason and Joe Judge is leader in the clubhouse in the US Open.

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Thousands of people filled West River Parkway over the weekend for the Stone Arch Bridge Festival -- the first large community event since the mask mandate was lifted in Minneapolis. |

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Bicyclist Tony Quinones had only just shaken hands with a fellow cyclist and wished him good luck in this weekend’s community race in an Arizona mountain town when a truck sped into a crowd of bike riders.

High school students in Delta are organizing an electronic waste drive this weekend.

NYC mayoral candidates maintain frantic pace through final weekend before Democratic primary

The Southwest U.S. continued to bake Saturday, and weather forecasters kept warnings in effect for excessive heat in Arizona, Nevada and desert areas, at least through the weekend.


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@FoxNews  daytime ratings have completely collapsed. Weekend daytime even WORSE. Very sad to watch this happen, but they forgot what made them successful, what got them there. They forgot the Golden Goose. The biggest difference between the 2016 Election, and 2020, was @FoxNews !

It might be Labor Day weekend, but let’s all remember that we're still in the middle of a pandemic. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow the experts. It’ll save lives.

@FoxNews  is not watchable during weekend afternoons. It is worse than Fake News@CNN . I strongly suggest turning your dial to @OANN . They do a really “Fair & Balanced” job!

This presidency, summed up: While the country hit 154,000 COVID-19 deaths, the jobless rate soared, and an eviction crisis loomed, Trump went golfing this weekend at a course he still owns.

This holiday weekend, let’s be safe and smart. It’s going to take all of us to beat this virus. So wear a mask. Wash your hands. And listen to the experts, not the folks trying to divide us. That's the only way we’ll do this—together.

Hey @BTS_twt  @jiminishell  @BTSARMY_INTL  @BtsSwitzerland  @BtsUnite  @bts_armyn @btsw_official @btsworldwider '>@BTS_ARMYn @BTSW_official @btsworldwider  the whole army out there who raised so much money this weekend. Here’s a little thank you from us x x x

Seven idols. One iconic stadium. One year ago today, @BTS_twt  made history at Wembley as they performed 2 sold out shows under the arch?️ An incredible weekend. Take us back. ? #OTD  | #BTSxWembley 

Watching @FoxNews  on weekend afternoons is a total waste of time. We now have some great alternatives, like @OANN .

This is Summer. She stopped this punk from getting away with stealing from BestBuy in Hawaii. She got fired for this. Flying her in this weekend and giving her tickets to the McGregor vs Cowboy fight. I WANT HER TO WORK FOR ME! Get ready for the best weekend of your life Summer