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WATCH: A father and son have designed Olympic venues decades apart

WATCH | Melville's 7th Street among the coolest in the world

WATCH: The U.S. and the European Union agreed to a truce in their near 17-year conflict over aircraft subsidies, suspending for five years a set of Trump-era tariffs which had soured relations between them

Vax, tax and charged for being ‘lax’. Tonight on Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, Union Finance Minister@nsitharaman  takes direct questions on tax & COVID vaccine. Taxing the aam aadmi easy option? Watch#FranklySpeakingWithNirmala  at 8 PM.

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Investor with the ‘midas touch’ & known as India’s Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - Partner & CEO, Rare Enterprises joins Rahul Shivshankar. What makes him Bullish on India? What are markets celebrating? Watch INDIA UPFRONT Special at 4:30 PM.

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ICYMI/WATCH: Family says Frank & Danse Williams were residential school survivors who endured years of trauma before becoming a fixture on Commercial Drive, where some neighbours say you would never know their pain by the way they brightened up your day.

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WATCH: Evacuees from Strawberry are staying strong as they wait for word on their homes.

Anti-China, anti-Russia G-7 meet; chaos in #Pakistan  Parliament; US-Russia summit level meet and more… Watch this and more on #WorldToday  with @Geeta_Mohan . #ITLivestream 

Watch the latest episode of #TheBookshelf  today on #eNCA  as we take a look at "Number 43 Covid-19 Journey" on #DStv403 

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Things always seem terrible around here, but yesterday my daughter saw her first waterfall and I got to watch her face.

THIS THIS THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS. Please watch and share. Brilliantly and simply put.

Today, every view of this video helps create positive change. All you need to do is watch it and Bell will donate 5¢ more to Canadian mental health initiatives. Retweet to help spread the word! #BellLetsTalk 

Nobody wants to report that Pennsylvania and Michigan didn’t allow our Poll Watchers and/or Vote Observers to Watch or Observe. This is responsible for hundreds of thousands of votes that should not be allowed to count. Therefore, I easily win both states. Report the News!

Watch a sneak peek of BTS on Variety’s cover

God watch over us. Keep us strong and lifted.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day. For every view of this video ?, Bell will donate 5¢ towards Canadian mental health initiatives. Watch now and retweet this post to help us spread the word! #BellLetsTalk 

Watch this. It shows why we should all do the right thing and stay home to the fullest extent possible. All of us can help slow the spread of the virus, protecting the elderly, the vulnerable, and each other.