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Billionaires who can afford to take a 10-minute joyride to outer space can afford to pay a #WealthTax  here on Earth.

Congress, you must enact a #WealthTax  immediately & invest in Black and low-income communities. #BlackWealthGap 

Billion? I count trillions of reasons why we need a #WealthTax  in America.

#TaxDay is an excellent reminder that it is time for a #WealthTax  in America.

It's pretty disingenuous to say we can't tax wealth, because we can't figure out how much rich people have - @KittyRichardsDC  #WealthTax 

Every step of our tax process has reified racial inequities, says @amandalfischer . #WealthTax 

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The 3 wealthiest families in American now own more than half of all Americans put together. Demand a #wealthtax .

A new survey released shows 66 percent of U.S. nationals support the proposal to tax wealth. #taxtherich  #wealthTax