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Roshni Nadar Malhotra (HCL Technologies) is the wealthiest woman in India. in 2020. Find out who are India’s wealthiest women

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Founder & MD of Biocon, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is the second-most wealthiest woman in the list with a Rs 36,600 crore fortune.

Kotak Wealth Hurun-Leading Wealthy Women features eight dollar billionaires and 38 women with wealth of Rs 1,000 crore and above #RoshniNadar  tops the list of India's wealthiest women

HCL Tech's newest chief Roshni Nadar is India's wealthiest woman, followed by Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw! Check out the full list of India's richest women👇 @kiranshaw  @TOPIndia  @hcltech  @Bioconlimited  @indiahurun 

Watch LIVE as Cory Grant shares tax-reduction tips and strategies utilized by America's wealthiest families for generations to keep and grow #wealth ! #MoneyShow  #InvestSmarter  #Taxes  #TaxTips  #Investing  #Investments  #Investors 

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In a state where two out of five public school students are considered low-income, CU Boulder’s record raises questions about whether it is fulfilling its mission to educate Coloradans from all backgrounds, not just the wealthiest students. #EdColo 

Richest families in #Asia : #Ambanis  on top with twice the wealth than the second wealthiest family in Asia #MukeshAmbani  #RIL  #RelianceIndustries 

Yes indeed. Reminder: she is the wealthiest member of the senate...and getting richer during the pandemic.

Sydney's wealthiest tightened their belts during lockdown. Now they are spending again | @MattWadeSMH  @pallavisinghal_ 


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Last year, for the first time on record, the 400 wealthiestAmericans paid a lower total tax rate than any other income group.

REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE VOTED THIS WEEK TO CUT MEDICARE AND MEDICAID IN HALF The GOP just keeps coming for your health care again and again and again and again. And this time, they want to do it while extending President@realDonaldTrump ’s tax cuts for the wealthiest few. No

Two years ago, Amazon raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Today, Target raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. Now Walmart, owned by the wealthiest family in America, must do the same. We must eliminate starvation wages in America.

The Coronavirus stimulus package carved out $135B in tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of Americans. That's nearly *four times* as much money as was included for emergency housing and food relief. It's socialism for the rich, and harsh capitalism for everyone else.

In this pandemic, the wealthiest 113 New Yorkers have over $500,000,000,000 (more than a half trillion). Meanwhile, more than 2 million New Yorkers are waiting in line at food banks for up to 6 hours in order to feed their families. This is the stuff revolutions are made of.

Companies like Amazon—which is owned by the wealthiest guy in America—last year paid zero in federal income taxes. That's less than you paid. How does that happen? Why does that happen? The answer: we have a corrupt political system. That's the simple fact.

Walmart, our largest employer, is owned by the Waltons, the wealthiest family in America, who are worth nearly $200 billion. Unbelievably, in the last 3 years the family's wealth has gone up by over $70 billion. They can more than afford to pay all their workers at least $15/hr.

While the President has made clear he will ignore oversight provisions in the #CARESAct , Acting IG Fine must exercise his full oversight authority to ensure that the Admin uses this relief package to help workers, not to pad the pockets of corporations & the wealthiest few.

The only person who did financially well — and extremely well at that —  from the Obama economy was Obama.  He’s the wealthiest street organizer in human history.

We are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. How is it possible that 2 months after Hurricane Maria half the people of Puerto Rico don't have electricity?