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DROWNING: The Wayne County Coroner has ruled the drowning accidental.

Wayne County deputies say a 28-year-old man is facing charges for beating a woman with a pool cue and injuring her.

The Wayne County Public Health Division says COVID-19 cases in the county have increased to levels matching those at the beginning of the pandemic.

When a Wayne County judge announced eight months ago that he would begin releasing jail inmates in response to the coronavirus outbreak, he said people accused of violent crimes likely would stay behind bars.

President Donald Trump continued to make inaccurate statements today about the election process in Michigan's largest county and said the Republican canvassers who agreed to certify Wayne County's results had been "harassed violently."

Wayne County Lightfest to shine bright for 27th season – starting tonight Drive-through event offers a "safe option" for family fun through the holidays.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's office is now investigating threats made against Wayne County canvassers.


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The sworn affidavit of Monica Palmer, chair of the Board of Canvassers for Wayne County — details how intimidation and lies pressured her to incorrectly agree to certify ballots, a decision she now rescinds...

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President Trump personally called the two Republican canvassers in Wayne County, @AP_Politics ⁩ reports. Now they’re trying to rescind their support for certifying the vote.

New from Michigan: Now Wayne County Republicans want to “rescind” their votes to certify election results...

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BREAKING TWIST: Attorney on the ground in MI tells me Wayne County Board of Canvassers has now unanimously agreed to CERTIFY the results and called on SoS to conduct an audit ... He says - "Apparently a lot of threats and pressure and they caved in." More on @foxnewsnight 

BREAKING: Wayne County, Michigan GOP members say they were 'bullied' to certify the vote

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Hey guys, Please Watch@NedStaebler  — a Wayne County Board Member of Canvassers stuff in a locker @HartmannDude  and @monicaspalmer  — the two members that refused to certify the ballots for the county...

“The numbers have not improved, it is still 71% out of balance”, stated Wayne County, Michigan, Canvassers. “There is widespread irregularities in poll numbers.” There are “more votes than people”. The two harassed patriot Canvassers refuse to sign the papers!

BREAKING: Wayne County aboard of Canvassers has voted to certify the county’s results, after a massive public pressure campaign for the last 3 hours.

Massive crowd inside and outside the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Thank you for joining us tonight - and make sure you get out and tomorrow!