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Third wave can be avoided if we take strong measures: Top govt scientist Read:

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Canada sheds more than 200,000 jobs in April as third-wave lockdowns bite

"Every day you keep hearing of deaths, and every day ... you have to be strong." Our @WVIndia  colleagues describe the heartbreaking reality of #India 's #COVID19  second wave. Donate now:

Days after saying third Covid wave is 'inevitable' for India, government's principal scientific advisor says strong containment measures can help avoid it

Canada’s labour recovery sees setback as economy sheds 207,000 jobs in April amid pandemic’s third wave, @mattlundy33  reports: #cdnpoli  #cdnecon 

Even as Nepal faces its steepest coronavirus wave yet, it has kept its side of Mount Everest open to foreigners. But growing concerns of a coronavirus outbreak at the mountain cast doubt on the safety of climbers and locals.

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Should India go into a 14-day lockdown to stem second wave? Watch#BrassTacks  with @Zakka_Jacob  at 8:57 PM only on CNN-News18.

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Nidec is on the cusp of riding the big wave of EV penetration, said Hennessy Japan Fund's Portfolio Manager Masa Takeda, as he laid out his top three stock picks in Japan.

Third wave may not happen everywhere if strict measures are taken: Govt

CORONAVIRUS: NEWSFLASH: Gauteng’s third wave: It’s coming, but residents can limit severity

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Obama is drawing VERY small (tiny) numbers of people. Biden is drawing almost no one. We are drawing tens of thousands of people. You’ll see that again today. The Great wave'>Red Wave is coming!!!

Polls numbers are looking very strong. Big crowds, great enthusiasm. Massive RED WAVE coming!!!

Virginia Voters! Your Governor wants to obliterate your Second Amendment. I have stopped him. I am the only thing between you and your Second Amendment. Working hard in Virginia. It’s IN PLAY. Better Vote for your favorite President, or wave goodbye to low taxes and gun rights!

Sebastian Steudtner — a German pro surfer — rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal. I’m not this tough. Or brave. Or talented...

Never let another ride your wave ?!!!

Am I the only one who goes to bed every night convinced that my mild throat scratch is the beginnings of coronavirus only to wake up with a wave of huge relief that it's gone?

Sometimes before I leave the house I wave to my laptop camera just to brighten the day of the FBI agent. Friendliness is contagious you know.

Wake up America. What’s happening across the country isn’t a second wave. It’s still the first wave.

Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa broke the world record for the highest wave ever surfed (82 feet), during a session in Nazare, Portugal.