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@Patrick__Morrow  I’m gonna explain this for you one more time. You said all Trump supporters are uneducated. I just showed you a rally in Waukesha County we’re the medium income is $84,000 a year, you are literally an idiot Who talks out of his ass and simply spits out Libtard talking points

The electronic billboard is on I-94 near Highway 16 and points toward the Waukesha County Airport, where Trump is set to hold a rally Saturday night.

Donald Trump continues Wisconsin push with Saturday night rally at Waukesha County Airport despite the state’s deadly surge in coronavirus cases via ⁦⁩ & ⁦⁩ @BillGlauber  @MollyBeck 

But there are also 104 active investigations in Waukesha County in "workplaces." No other detail.

In addition to a Saturday trip to Waukesha, the Trump campaign announced Friday that the president will be in La Crosse County on Tuesday.

Milwaukee County and Waukesha County have had about the same number of early voters - but Milwaukee County has more than double the population.


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More than half of the requested absentee ballots in Wisconsin had been returned as of today, three weeks and one day from Election Day: Requested: 1.3 million Returned: 683,223 Dane County: 117,116 Milwaukee County: 109,184 Waukesha County: 54,433

Standing ovation from Waukesha County GOP women for my special guests, @realjohnmpierce  & Wendy Rittenhouse, Kyle’s mom. Huge shoutout sent from all of us in WI to wa @LLinWoodrior  . I was able to talk to Kyle by phone & THANK HIM for his cou #fightbackage !

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Kyle Rittenhouse's mother and lawyer got a standing ovation at a Waukesha County Republican event on Thursday: via @ProofHearsay 

Waukesha County patriots are ready to #fightback  & fight forward for our home, sweet, home. Wisconsin is critical. The Left will burn, loot, pillage & do everything it can to steal this election. City of Madison & Biden campaign harvesting absentee ballots at 200 public parks!

Latest Wisconsin absentee ballot tally, per @WI_Elections  _ 122,756 ballots returned out of 1.1 million requested _ Dane County leads with 25,175 returned _ In a worrisome sign for Democrats, heavily GOP Waukesha Co. has 11,898 returned while Milwaukee Co. has just 10,831

Looking tight in #ALSEN . Could come down to crucial Waukesha County.

Looking tight in #ga06 . Could come down to crucial Waukesha County.

Always wait until the #Oscars  ballots come in from crucial Waukesha County.