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Haven't seen Intuitive Surgical in the scans for a while, but it's trying to hold over multi-year resistance > 580. @IBDinvestors  leaderboard sporting a 99 rating. Good name to keep on the watchlist as this flags here. $ISRG #IBDPartner 

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Learn how to make your own penny stock watchlist: see how I build mine as preparation is crucial $FB $TWTR

10 stocks worth watching now: add them to your watchlist!

As far as new long setups go.... keep an eye on this $RH A new addition to the PEG watchlist! Tested and reversed off the 50 day MA and made a decent looking bullish flag pattern. Two narrow range candles that looks ready to move! Target $250

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The Watchlist'>Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech Watchlist 2020 will include the top 100 NewTechs from the Challenge, and will be unveiled also at the Efma Bank +FinTech event in Berlin#fintech  #NewTech  #startup  #scaleup 

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- Posted a New Watchlist: 16 Hot Stocks To Watch Like $NK

Nice writeup by @IBDinvestors  on the explosive move today in NovoCure. A name from the @theTradeRisk  Leadershipwatchlist and fortunate enough to own it. Scaled some today but still holding half. $NVCR #IBDPartner 


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Breaking News: A government database that acts as a terrorism watchlist violates the constitutional rights of Americans who are on it, a federal judge ruled

We've got a blank space on our calendar for 12/31 and we're writing #repTourNetflix 's name 🔥 Add it to your watchlist so you don't miss the magic, madness, heaven, sin once it's released in just THREE DAYS:

It's here and it's GORGEOUS! Check out the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour artwork and make sure to tune in to the morning of New Year's Eve to watch!! 🎉 Watch#repTourNetflixthe  Trailer: Add to Watchlist:

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PRO TIP! Add the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour to your Watchlist on so when you login New Year's Eve you can click play at 12:01am PST right from your home page! Add to Watchlist here:

Roughly 12 individuals on the terror watchlist were encountered by federal officials at the US southern border from October 2017 to October 2018, according to an administration official familiar with data from Customs and Border Protection

One of the reasons the FBI keeps failing to catch these school shooters & other mass murderers is because of the enormous, bloated watchlist, filled with people who don’t belong there. It makes finding the real threats much more difficult. When everyone’s a terrorist, no one is.

The courageous, militant, ferocious protesters in DC whom Kavanaugh has sparked r our ONLY chance now. NOT the friggin’ FBI. They were never going to rescue us! Positive change in America comes from the people who r on the FBI Watchlist, NOT from those on the fucking FBI payroll.

Comey Warns Democrats That Having Leftist Politics Gets You On The FBI Watchlist

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BREAKING: NRA says anyone on terrorism watchlist who tries to buy a gun should be investigated by the FBI and the sale delayed.

ISIS may have inspired the #Orlando  shooter. But ideas can't kill. Weapons kill. He bought them legally. Right here. While on a watchlist.