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Greg Abbott Explains to Joe Biden What 'Neanderthal Thinking' Actually Is in Must-Watch Segment

Greg Abbott Explains to Joe Biden What 'Neanderthal Thinking' Actually Is in Must-Watch Segment

Indians are taking over the country, says US President Joe Biden, while speaking to @NASA  engineer Swati Mohan. Watch here @PresEl @JoeBiden @DrSwatiMohanc @NasaPersevere#IndiaBiden  Persevere

WATCH: ‘Rishi Sunak is not trying to be Joe Biden, he’s trying to protect from what Joe Biden might do to the UK economy’- Kate Andrews

WATCH: New book, "Lucky," chronicles Joe Biden's unlikely path to victory #MTPDaily  @jonallendc : "Lucky's not a pejorative term in any shape or form. Joe Biden set a message for his campaign and he stuck to it." @amieparnes : "He caught lucky breaks along the way."

@MichelleObama  tells @RobinRoberts  that the inauguration “was a glorious day.”: “To watch our friend Joe Biden and Jill stand see Kamala...brave and bold, knowing that they were taking on a massive amount of responsibility to get this country back on track.”

WATCH LIVE: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

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Last night, Joe Biden supporters viciously attacked Riley, a 7 year-old @realDonaldTrump  fan. Joe Biden supporters stole Riley’s hat, ripped up his sign & made him cry. Watch. It’s on video. This is sick. Wilmington, DE please help us find them:

The Democrats made the rules I’m just playing by them. 100,000 deaths in Joe Biden’s first month where is the CNN death count take her? Where is the main stream media questioning each and every decision? Watch and retweet my thoughts!

The Biden family has spent decades in Washington, DC enriching themselves by selling access to Joe Biden's taxpayer funded office. Hunter Biden is corrupt. Jim Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden is corrupt. MUST WATCH!!!

Hunter Biden made 83k a month for doing the bidding of corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, while his dad was VP. Hunter pretends it was for "consulting," Joe pretends he didn’t know about it and the media pretends to believe both of them. MUST WATCH!!!

“I don’t see anyone walking into a voting booth on November 3 & voting to give up 20-30% of their income by voting for Joe Biden’s radicle tax plans. I don’t see anyone voting to get rig of US Oil & Gas and watch gas & heating prices skyrocket” Blue collar friend in MT yesterday

Watch the @marklevinshow  on @FoxNews  at 10:00 P.M. He will importantly be talking about the corruption of Joe Biden. @SteveHiltonx  and Larry Kudlow were great tonight!

307,000 Veterans Died waiting for Healthcare at the V.A. During Sleepy Joe Biden’s Watch. 800,000 Records Stalled! A complete and total disaster.

On Air Force One heading to Wisconsin. Biden refused to go there to apologize for not showing up for the failed Democrat Convention. So funny to watch the Fake News fawning over Sleepy Joe’s ridiculous “car press conference”. Pathetic!

Moments ago outside of the DNC convention, Joe Biden supporters attacked a 7 year-old boy. He was attacked simply because he wore a @realDonaldTrump  hat. His name is Riley. Watch it happen. Listen to him cry. Will Joe condemn this violence against Children? Via @TrumpStudents 

It is INCREDIBLE to watch and read the Fake News and how they pull out all stops to protect Sleepy Joe Biden and his thrown out of the Military son, Hunter, who was handed $100,000 a month (Plus,Plus) from a Ukrainian based company, even though he had no experience in energy,...