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"If there is not a clear victor, it is absolutely going to be a mess." A female voter tells @GayleKing  that she sees both Trump signs and Biden signs around her neighborhood, and she believes #election2020  is going to be very tight. Watch "The Deciders" on CBS, Friday at 9 pm ET.

2020 AD WATCH: This new Biden ad reminds young voters that they can silence Donald Trump. It will air on Adult Swim as the Democratic nominee attempts to reach young voters

Trump recruits ex-cops to watch polls in Minnesota where Biden leads by 8 points

WATCH: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made a surprise appearance at a virtual event hosted by Oprah Winfrey

WATCH: Joe Biden wraps his drive-in rally on Thursday as rain pours down in Tampa Bay, FL

“Joe Biden has made it a top priority of his to make sure that every American can get access to healthcare.” Watch Emgage board member @farhan_MSU  explain ’s @JoeBidenlan  on healthcare and why the “distinction between the candidates couldn’t be more clear.” 5 DAYS to go!🗳

LIVE: Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is holding a campaign event in Tampa. WATCH:

WATCH: Biden Spox Refuses to Answer Questions About Tony Bobulinski Interview

WATCH: Joe Biden appears as surprise guest on Oprah's get-out-the-vote Zoom event that aims to encourage Black women to vote


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The Biden family has spent decades in Washington, DC enriching themselves by selling access to Joe Biden's taxpayer funded office. Hunter Biden is corrupt. Jim Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden is corrupt. MUST WATCH!!!

Hunter Biden made 83k a month for doing the bidding of corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, while his dad was VP. Hunter pretends it was for "consulting," Joe pretends he didn’t know about it and the media pretends to believe both of them. MUST WATCH!!!

Last night, Joe Biden supporters viciously attacked Riley, a 7 year-old @realDonaldTrump  fan. Joe Biden supporters stole Riley’s hat, ripped up his sign & made him cry. Watch. It’s on video. This is sick. Wilmington, DE please help us find them:

🚨🚨🚨TUCKER IS GOING TO BE LIT AF TONIGHT. THE BIDEN CORRUPTION WHISTLEBLOWER IS ON & HE HAS TAPES!!! Social media and main stream media will do whatever they can to cover up the fact that Biden is compromised. Watch and listen for yourself make up your own mind!

Finally! Suburban women are flocking over to us. They realize that I am saving the Suburbs - the American Dream! I terminated the Regulation that would bring projects and crime to Suburbia. Not on my watch! Biden will bring the Regulation back, but bigger and worse.

Watch the @marklevinshow  on @FoxNews  at 10:00 P.M. He will importantly be talking about the corruption of Joe Biden. @SteveHiltonx  and Larry Kudlow were great tonight!

307,000 Veterans Died waiting for Healthcare at the V.A. During Sleepy Joe Biden’s Watch. 800,000 Records Stalled! A complete and total disaster.

On Air Force One heading to Wisconsin. Biden refused to go there to apologize for not showing up for the failed Democrat Convention. So funny to watch the Fake News fawning over Sleepy Joe’s ridiculous “car press conference”. Pathetic!

Moments ago outside of the DNC convention, Joe Biden supporters attacked a 7 year-old boy. He was attacked simply because he wore a @realDonaldTrump  hat. His name is Riley. Watch it happen. Listen to him cry. Will Joe condemn this violence against Children? Via @TrumpStudents 

Wow! Hunter Biden is being forced to leave a Chinese Company. Now watch the Fake News wrap their greasy and very protective arms around him. Only softball questions of him please!