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Taliban says met with US envoy in Doha Washington's special envoy to Afghanistan met with the #Taliban  in Qatar, the insurgents said Saturday, as efforts intensify to revive a peace process faced with mounting violence and a #US  troop withdrawal deadline

Washington's special envoy to Afghanistan met with the Taliban in Qatar, the insurgents said Saturday, as efforts intensify to revive a peace process faced with mounting violence and a US troop withdrawal deadline

The government of Afghanistan has gone to court in Washington, D.C., to support a man who has spent a third of his life as a detainee at Guantánamo Bay, never charged with a crime -- and now says his war is over.

No U.S. troops have died in combat in Afghanistan for a year as of Monday, but the Taliban have threatened to target them again if Washington opts to keep international forces in the country after a May withdrawal deadline.

#UPDATE  The Taliban on Friday rejected Washington's accusations that it had not lived up to its promises in Afghanistan, in turn claiming the US was 'bombarding civilians'

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The Biden administration should accept that there is no feasible middle way for a “responsible withdrawal” from Afghanistan, writes @LaurelMillerICG . With this option off the table, Washington will face difficult choices in the months ahead.


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Russian bounties offered to Taliban militants in Afghanistan to kill US or UK troops there are believed to have resulted in the deaths of multiple US troops, the Washington Post reports, citing US intelligence gathered from military interrogations

More US soldiers are now deployed in Washington than in Afghanistan.

Rep. Seth Moulton: "There are more troops right now in Washington, D.C., than in Afghanistan—and they are here to defend us against the commander-in-chief...and his mob."

Trump: "United States military troops in Afghanistan are at a 19-year low. Likewise, Iraq and Syria are also at the lowest point in many years.” True. At the same time, U.S. military troops in Washington, D.C., are at a longtime high.

US Troops deployed to Syria: 1,000 Iraq: 2,500 Afghanistan: 2,500 Washington DC: 6,200 (will be 10,000+ by Saturday)

Washington would not allow Americans to be threatened by ‘a kangaroo court,’ said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after President Trump authorized sanctions against an International Criminal Court investigation into whether U.S. forces committed war crimes in Afghanistan

BREAKING: The Taliban ruling council has agreed to a cease-fire in Afghanistan to allow for signing of a peace deal with the United States. A peace deal would allow Washington to bring home troops and end its 18-year military engagement there.

After all that happened, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. After how it all went wrong. After all that, those who rule us, in London, Brussels, Paris, Washington, want to do it all again in #Venezuela  And the same gutter-hacks beat the drums of another war. Think about that.

We’ve won the war in Afghanistan! We need to learn how to declare victory and come home. We shouldn’t be there nation building. gets this, but so many in Washington are lost and confused!