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Some Latino groups, incl. Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans, are more wary of the Covid vaccine, so Biden administration's outreach, education needs to be tailored, say researchers Gabriel Sanchez, Juan Peña on @BrookingsInst . By @Nicolemarie_A 

In the Senate, the biggest trouble for Biden may actually come from moderate lawmakers, who may be wary of the high price tags and tax increases involved

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Charlottesville casts a wary eye on Biden’s calls for “unity” following white supremacist violence. “So healing? Unity? You can’t do that with people who don’t adhere to basic democratic principles.” by @AsteadWH ⁩

Urging unity, President-elect Joe Biden appears wary of prosecuting a former president. But many Democrats want to air any wrongdoing and punish President Trump: “I want to see them cringe and cry," one said.

Biden said the same things throughout this hard hard time...mcconnell and mccarthy have not. So their words must make us wary and want for quick confirmation. Not out of cynicism...out of practicality...our collective fate is tied to not just what is hoped for...but what is done

U.S. allies "greatly relieved" as Biden steps up, but they've learned to be wary, too

Joe Biden has urged unity, and appears wary of prosecuting a former president. But many of his voters see it as a necessity: “If you don’t hold these people accountable and say, ‘No, this is too far,’ somebody’s going to come along and push it further."

#AMAY | Analysis: #Saudi  overtures to wary #Biden  team driven by worries over Iran, economy

Analysis: Saudi overtures to wary Biden team driven by worries over Iran, economy

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ANALYSIS-Saudi overtures to wary Biden team driven by worries over Iran, economy: After months out of the spotlight, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has returned centre stage with diplomatic and economic moves which diplomats say are aimed… NASDAQ


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Opinion | Biden and Democrats: Be wary of the trap Mitch McConnell is laying

Biden should reverse Trump's assault on the UN: 1. Reengage the Human Rights Council. 2. Don't exit the World Health Organization. 3. Fund the UN Population Fund and Palestinian refugees. 4. Stop protecting Israel and Saudi Arabia. 5. Be wary of China.

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President-elect Biden wary of Trump-focused investigations during his presidency, sources say.

One other slightly weird aside: the fact that there's been a fairly abrupt 3-point swing toward Biden shows that late polling swings still can occur and so might make you slightly wary of the notion that Biden's had this all in the bag the whole time.

I believe there is about a 75 percent chance Biden will win the election and about a 25 percent chance we will descend into an authoritarian power grab unlike anything we have ever seen in our history. So...hopeful and yet deeply wary.

@ProjectLincoln  3) Here's a fascinating bit of news: @ProjectLincoln  will work *against* GOP Senators who try to obstruct Joe Biden's agenda, should he win the presidency. Founder@JWGOP  tells me the group is wary of any rerun of what GOP Senators did to Obama in 2009:

On the campaign trail, Biden has only offered vague explanations of his foreign policy agenda. From being weak on China to pitching the Iran Nuclear Deal, his international affairs record is a liability. It's no surprise he's wary of taking an actual stance on foreign affairs.