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AOC says she's going to target the media "so that you can't just spew disinformation and misinformation." Uh oh, NYT WaPOST, CNN and MSDNC -- AOC is putting you on notice!

The WaPost released the full transcript and just as I suspected, the Post intentionally misrepresented what @realDonaldTrump  said. #TrumpTapes 

Clearly, there were things said on that tape that the WaPost and Never Trumper @GaSecofState  do not want the American people to hear. That's why they only released selectively "edited" clips. #trumptapes  #releasethetapes 

So the Georgia Secretary of State (a Republican) secretly records @realDonaldTrump  and then turns over the recording to the WaPost. The Post then leaks selected edits. Release the full, unedited audio.

A massive caravan of pro-Trump Jews was attacked today in New York City - pelted by rocks and eggs. You probably won't see that story on CNN or MSNBC or NYT or WaPost. They're behaving like the Mainstream Media in 1930's Germany. #propagandists  #Antisemitic 

Long-term rise in political polarization is heading full steam into the 2020 election, with conservatism among Republicans accelerating to its highest level in ABC News/WaPost polls back 22 years & liberalism among Democrats near its record, set last year.

So yes, schools and newspapers certainly have a right to publish/platform who they please. But from what the essay terms the "reactionary liberal" POV, if Yale becomes Hampshire or the WaPost The Nation, something is lost for liberal culture even if no 1st Amend rule is violated.

If you're RT'ing WaPost's 2016 poll today because you don't want the name changed, know that numerous Native organizations took issue w/ poll and my own former colleague Nate Silver called it majorly flawed, asking "Why didn't they just ask, 'Should the name be changed?'"

Can you imagine the wapost running an article like this today

@finkd  @jack  & @sherylsandberg  - “the monopolies you lord over should be broken into pieces, the immunity that holds you harmless should be stripped away at once, and the companies you run should be sued into bankruptcy.” -joe scarborough/WaPost


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I've never seen a more blatant example of concentrated money rigging an election than Iowa Dems releasing a random percentage of the vote after self-dealing grifters tied to Buttigieg fucked up an election, followed by the NYT, WaPost, CNN, and MSNBC announcing 'partial results.'

WaPost treats male and female reporters differently: 1. When Felcia Sonmez got death threats, she was suspended. When national security reporter Shane Harris got threats that weren't nearly as bad, round-the-clock armed guards were sent to his home.

Obama very upset about "fake news." I completely agree. Something needs to be done about the NYT & WaPost & CNN & MSNBC

North Korea now has a nuclear warhead capable of fitting inside its missiles, says WaPost report citing US intel