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When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is the clear leader, but Walmart’s ambitious new plans and leadership are trying to catch up. Watch the video to learn more.

LENDING A HAND: Here’s how Publix, Walmart, Target and other businesses are helping Floridians impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Many members of the Walton family, who are major shareholders in Walmart, made the #Forbes400  list of richest Americans. Here's where they landed:

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How the largest stocks performed today Apple $AAPL -4.9% Microsoft $MSFT -1.5% Google $GOOGL -2.6% Amazon $AMZN -2.7% Tesla $TSLA -6.8% Berkshire $BRK.B -0.8% UnitedHealth $UNH -1% $JNJ -1.1% Exxon $XOM -0.2% Visa $V +0.5% Facebook $META -3.7% Walmart $WMT -0.7% TSMC $TSM -4%

Walmart stores in North Texas have been threatened with foreclosure. Do you know how many are at risk? This week's news quiz has all the answers:

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While our associates, members and the communities we serve in Florida begin to recover from Hurricane Ian, Walmart, Sam’s Club and the Walmart Foundation are committing up to $6 million to help with recovery and relief. Read more:

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$APRN New CFO Mitchell Cohen initiated the Redbox buyout. I know there was Walmart buyout speculation a while back but what do I know.

Large corporations and private equity firms are buying up veterinary offices at an alarming rate. “It wouldn't be the same. It would be like walking into a Walmart or something."


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Age when their business launched? Jeff Bezos: 30 Oprah Winfrey: 32 Reed Hastings, Netflix: 36 Doris Fisher, Gap: 37 Vera Wang: 40 Eric Yuan, Zoom: 41 Sam Walton, Walmart: 44 Adi Dassler, Adidas: 48 Bernie Marcus, Home Depot: 50 Charles Flint, IBM: 61 Here are their stories 🧵👇

An emotional moment: Beto O’Rourke meets Sean Nixon, 20, a Walmart employee who was there at the time of the shooting and helped a child. O’Rourke asked if he was getting counseling, offered his personal cell number and said to call if he needs help.

#MasonRamsey yodeled his way into our hearts & aisles, so we’re putting on a concert at his local Walmart to let him shine! ? #YodelChallenge 

CD’s. Wallet. Skittles. Loosies. Toy gun. Jogging. Cigarillos. Cell phone. Loud music. Wrong house. Counterfeit bill. Broken tail light. Failure to signal. No license plate. Sleeping at home. Shopping at Walmart. Concealed carry permit. Sleeping in the car at Wendy’s.

Walmart has offered its employees a 15 percent store discount instead of holiday pay this year. Meanwhile, the company is saving an estimated $2,200,000,000 a year thanks to the Trump tax cuts. America has socialism for the rich, cold, harsh capitalism for everyone else.

What is Walmart, do they sell like wall stuff?

Bar Home Office Airport Temple Church College Mosque Concert Hospital Walmart Nightclub Newsroom Pre-school Synagogue Yoga studio High school City building Military base Bowling alley Street corner Garlic festival Movie theater Political event Middle school Elementary school

BREAKING: Walmart says it will no longer sell firearms and ammunition to people younger than 21.

Last year, 4 members of the Walton family of Walmart made $12.7 billion in 1 day. It would take a full-time Walmart worker making $11/hr over 653,000 years to make that much. Thursday, and I are introducing legislation to make Walmart pay its workers a living wage.