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Turning a consumer watchdog into a lapdog for big WallSt banks is not what American people need or deserve. CFPB must remain a vigilant protector of consumer & economy.

Mulvaney isn't interested in helping consumers - only rich WallSt bankers. Strong leadership means commitment to consumers over corporate profits.

Stocks plunge as #WallSt  starts cashing in on the scam it's been playing on @realDonaldTrump  supporters #MAGA  #LOL 

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Trump hasn’t met a wall he didn’t like until today when he tore down the well-constructed wall that protects consumers from #WallSt  greed.

After decades of GM/WallSt/Gov't trying 2 destroy Flint, they may've found a way to literally succeed #trueterrorism 

Sepp Blatter resigns because corruption at #FIFA  is unacceptable Corruption on #WallSt  remains business as usual

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Enough with the #WallSt  giveaways. Haven't the 99% suffered enough? #CitigroupShutdown 

Tonight! Eric Cantor boldly goes where lots of former politicians have gone before. #WallSt