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Tonight's allergy medicine thought is that it's always been very weird to me that in the 90s animated X-Men series, Wolverine could be thrown through a brick wall and hop up and throw fists, but Jean Grey fainted when she even thought about using her powers.

I was reminded today of a saying that hung on the wall of my Swedish grandmother’s kitchen on the farm in Ferndale: “They who cut their own wood are twice warmed.” Man, what a workout — slamming wet sycamore with a splitting maul. It’s actually really enjoyable. :)

#ETNOWExclusive | The "Wall of Indian Cricket" gets candid. #RahulDravid  shares his extraordinary journey and his approach to leadership with @cricketwallah  on #TRUTHTalks 

Bloomberg 50: Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman made his own big mark in 2020 with two of the largest deals by a top Wall Street bank in years via @BW 

US government discussing deal with Chinese tech giant Huawei that could see its detained finance chief Meng Wanzhou allowed to return to China, the Wall Street Journal says

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** TRAFFIC SHIFT - FLAGSTAFF ** Starting Monday, Dec. 7, there will be a traffic shift on Historic Route 66, in preparation for wing wall construction. Details: #SR66  #I40  #Flagstaff 

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is biggest mug of them all?

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Biden faces immediate pressure when he enters the White House to fulfill a pledge to stop border wall construction. But he also will confront tough choices left behind by President Trump as well as skepticism about his own record on border walls.


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Houston has agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to Washington for John Wall and a first-round pick, sources tell ESPN.

There are massive floods in southeast Mexico right now. These guys in a boat found a good boy who was cold, frightened, and clinging to a wall. Heroes...

“President Trump has done many great things (biggest tax & regulation cuts in history, Space Force, rebuilding our military, fixing the V.A., the Wall), but perhaps the most important of all will be what he is doing now, exposing the massive corruption in our Electoral Process.”

Fuck your wall. Split that 5 billion between at-risk children who don’t have lunches and vets who can’t get proper medical and psychological treatment. Fuck your vanity project. Do something good for once.

Trump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it building a wall to protect himself from Americans.

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Oh man, once Trump gets his wall he better hope no one shows Mexico this old video we found.

First thing the anarchists did upon taking over Seattle was “BUILD A WALL”. See, I was ahead of our times!

Why is that Hemorrhoid threatening to shut down the Government over a Wall budget? What happened to “and Mexico is gonna pay for it”??! #ineversaidthat #yesthefuckyoudidmotherfucker

TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fucken wall. Be clear with US tax payers. They will pay for it.