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"In this #COVID19 ] quarantine we girls don't want anybody to take advantage of our vulnerability, because we are valuable & have the right to be heard!" Many young girls across the globe are suffering, let's lift their voices. v @PlanGlobal 

Concerned about Hong Kong's new security law, @nytimes ⁩ is moving its Asian news hub to Seoul. Interesting they didn't choose Tokyo, especially given Seoul's vulnerability to the region's other big news story, North Korea.

Joe Biden targeted Texas with a modest advertising investment that raised new questions about Trump's vulnerability in the longtime Republican stronghold as coronavirus infections explode.

@CheckPointSW  researchers discovered a critical vulnerability in the #Windows  Domain Name System (DNS) Serve

Here's the crux: Failing to control COVID-19 has consequences, and not just more infections/disability/deaths, but also growing vulnerability to other viruses & disasters. I know no one wants to contemplate things getting worse, but we have to. 7/

A Zoom zero-day vulnerability is affecting clients running an older version of Windows. Get the details plus commentary from editors @johullrich  @lelandneely  in the latest issue of the twice-weekly #NewsBites  newsletter >

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In particular, ad-targeting is really useful for con artists and scammers, because the correlates of vulnerability to scams are easy to identify, but hard to turn into targeted ad campaigns without mass surveillance. 2/

One of the greatest unsolved flaws of deep learning is its vulnerability to so-called adversarial attacks. When added to the input of an AI system, these perturbations, seemingly random or undetectable to the human eye, can make things go completely awry.

Thanks to all who tuned in for Panel 2! We will now break for lunch and return at @ 1:00pm ET for Panel 3: Continuous Monitoring, Penetration, and Vulnerability Testing. #SafeguardsFTC 

ARM Securities Limited - NSR H2 2020 Excerpts - Currency - Calm before a storm?: Once again, events over H1 2020 revealed the apex bank’s vulnerability to external shocks. With FPI inflows and oil receipts jointly accounting for c.50% of CBN’s FX…

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the face of intense vulnerability when making this album ?

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Vulnerability minus boundaries is not vulnerability. It is confession, manipulation, desperation, or shock and awe. But it’s not vulnerability.” - Brene’ Brown

God is not looking for the ideal you, the pretend you, the future you. He’s looking for the real you. Be real. That’s the kind of people God promotes. There’s power in vulnerability.

remember that showing vulnerability and admitting your weaknesses is actually the true meaning of bravery and strength. there should be no stigma stopping any of us from asking for help, or being there for others. we got this. #WorldMentalHealthDay 

If someone invites you into their “world”, and you accept, don’t see their world thru your eyes, see it thru theirs. Lasting bonds are forged thru empathy, respect, trust, and vulnerability. They are as valuable as the precious time spent to build them.

Today I challenged Boris Johnson on how this crisis has exposed grotesque levels of inequality and vulnerability. Now he has given unscrupulous employers carte blanche to force people back to work when it is not safe, putting more lives in danger. People must come before profit

It’s very disappointing when those you have opened up to attempt to use your vulnerability as weakness to make you feel pain, guilt or shame. Stay strong, be empathetic, but also understand the situation and move forward accordingly.

In the time of trial that we are presently undergoing, we experience our frailty. We need the Lord, who sees an irrepressible beauty beyond that frailty. With Him we rediscover how precious we are, even in our vulnerability.

Huge: catches ISPs invisibly redirecting download requests for popular programs, injecting them with government spyware. Unencrypted web traffic is now provably a critical, in-the-wild vulnerability. 20-30% of top internet sites affected.

God is not looking for the ideal you, the pretend you, the future you. He’s looking for the real you. Be real. That’s the kind of people God promotes. There’s power in vulnerability.