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Many free VPNs promise to protect your privacy. Don't believe it.

Don’t buy the hype: Free VPNs are bad for your privacy #WallSt 

“Hey EFF, can you recommend a specific VPN?” No, but… here’s a lesson plan on how to talk about VPNs (and why it’s hard to recommend a specific one) from the Security Education Companion.

Looking to browse the internet securely? Here are our recommendations for the best VPNs

The irony of spending years messing around with VPNs in China, only to download them again in the United States in order to (maybe?) access Chinese apps.

What Will WeChat Users Do Now? Apps and VPNs Can Help Beat the Ban

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7 best VPNs for maximum web-surfing anonymity

Americans are about to discover VPNs, which the rest of us have been using for years to make the internet think we’re Americans

IPVanish vs. NordVPN: Side-by-side comparison of two of the most popular VPNs


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Digital security teachers! What are some memes or metaphors that you like to use to explain VPNs? We’ll start.

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Turkish Parliament plans passing new regulations on Internet with new bill in 5th August. This is next step to oppress people in Turkey. Highly possible VPNs etc will be blocked State. #İnternetimeDokunma #HandOffMyInternet 

Multiple Critical Flaws Reported in Enterprise-Grade Industrial VPNs Could Let Remote Attackers Target Critical Infrastructures. Details: Reported Flaws Are: CVE-2020-14500 CVE-2020-14508 CVE-2020-14510 CVE-2020-14512 CVE-2020-14511 CVE-2020-14498

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Every 14-year old in America is about to get real familiar with mobile VPNs.

iPhones running the latest #iOS  13.4 (or 13.3.1) contains an UNPATCHED #vulnerability  that could prevent VPNs from encrypting traffic, resulting in real IP address leak or users' data being exposed if the affected connections are not encrypted themselves.

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They used the fake IDs and money to buy US server space, set up VPNs from Russia, so all this looked like local traffic. SMART. They set up email accounts in the US & used those to recruit and amplify their messages through media. SMART. I feel like the DNC should have done this.

The NSA successfully broke the encryption of VPNs run by Al Jazeera, the Iraqi military, and airline reservation systems. VPNs can be security bottlenecks.

Chinese Man Jailed For Selling VPNs that Bypass the Great Firewall

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Putin signs law tightening Internet restrictions. Soon, no more VPNs & anonymous use of messaging apps in Russia.

VPNs are good, but their weakness is the single point of failure: hack or subpoena that one point to see everything.