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15 minutes left to #VoteLabour  ?‍♀️?‍♂️?‍♀️

This is what we're fighting to save – our most precious institution. Vote Labour to save the NHS. #VoteLabour 

Yesterday I saw all the hashtags on Twitter. VoteLabour, YouthQuake, GetTheToriesOut, GetBorisOut, etc. If you only looked on here you'd think the election was going to be a walk in the park for Labour. But Twitter is an echo chamber, not real life. And most people aren't on it.

❗❗1 hour left to #VoteLabour ❗❗ Polling stations close at 10pm. Vote now. This is it.?

The most important gift you’ll give this Christmas is your vote. #VoteLabour 

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Election ‘Youthquake’ as students queue in pouring rain to vote via @MetroUK  #VoteLabour 

Don't waste your vote – go with a party who offers real change, #VoteLabour :

United-Alkmaar is an absolutely dreadful match. Don't watch it. Go #VoteLabour  instead. #GE2019 


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Want to see an end to austerity? Listen to Ross Kemp, vote Labour. #VoteLabour 

It comes down to this: choose hope today. #votelabour 

Tory cuts have almost demolished our NHS. It's time to save our NHS. #VoteLabour 

Rise like lions. We are many, they are few. #VoteLabour  #GE2017 

#VoteLabour today for a fairer Britain. Find out where to vote, then share this ↓

Did you stand up for our NHS today by voting Labour? Great! Now share this ↓ #VoteLabour  #GeneralElection17 

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If you're voting Labour tomorrow, show your support and RT this ↓ #VoteLabour  #ForTheMany 

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