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I don't care what anybody says, Ween's "Voodoo Lady" is the single best wood-block feature in 90s alt rock.

Grafton is looking a treat with a wash of purple! Get the good oil from @garykliese  for today's 7-race card @clarenceriverjc ! 1 - 4. Voodoo Crown 2 - 4. Zavy's Hope 3 - 5. Rumberella🔒 4 - 12. Hallowed Dreams 5 - 14. Desmos 6 - 3. Beat That🔒 7 - 1. Charmed Princess Best Bets🔒

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I’ve finally figured out why Jared Kushner’s face and skin creep me out. He could be his own voodoo doll on Penny Dreadful.

Comedian Kevin Hart Gives Shoutout to Crypto ‘Voodoo’ Money at Charity Event #Bitcoin  #$BTC

Kevin Hart Goes From Voodoo Bitcoin Money to “It’s Legit” in 20 Seconds

I want that girl that runs behind the couch when the doorbell rings black cats voodoo dolls one DayShe B grown I'll wait on her RT Remix *BerryYNWA 2yrs old and I remember seeing this at my cousins house Pappa thought this guy was cool. I Miss U Pappa ❤

$CGC 🦍 sniffed it’s 200-day last wk when $APHA reported and hasn’t looked back since. IDK if it’s some third derivative voodoo read-thru on the US elections or the greater fool theory (🙏 CNBC tickers) but that doesn’t really matter. Mind the Gap👇 /position

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When Caroline Smith-Adams, longtime bar manager at Voodoo Tiki Bar, died suddenly this year, the owners knew that a concept they had been formulating would take on her spirit.


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The Voodoo, who do, what you don't dare do people ;)

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone. If you have someone special, give them a kiss. If you don't, make a voodoo doll of your ex and cast spells.

Chief Justice John Roberts is now ruling with the liberals to uphold abortion? I can imagine a brisk market developing for Roberts voodoo dolls on conservative Etsy.

What India needed right now was the “ Dream Team”: Dr MM Singh, P Chidambaram, Dr MS Ahluwalia and Raghuram Rajan. What we have is voodoo economists and headline manipulators.

Things we love from the "Dip" remix video: - The ?? puffer jackets - playing with a voodoo doll - Tyga floating around set Watch now:

Whoever has that Knicks voodoo doll, please put it down now. Enough is enough.

tell me where your hiding your voodoo doll

Tell me whet you're hiding your voodoo doll, cause I can't control myself!

When Bush was in office, he cut taxes for the wealthy and the national debt nearly doubled. Voodoo economics is a fraud. #CNNDebateNight