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Portland promotes massive citywide cleanup at month’s end; volunteers needed

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Volunteers power massive cleanup n Kingsway neighborhood

Over 5,000 students, teachers, professionals, and volunteers from all 17 regions of the country and even abroad have taken part in MovePH's campaign to fight disinformation. Join the movement!

Volunteers in India deliver meals to families as COVID-19 crisis takes its toll.

Volunteers build 40 bunk beds for kids in need

Volunteers are being sought by the Junction City Area Chamber of Commerce to help with the Freedom Run on July 3rd.

Let’s all protect one another💉 Thanks to the superb work by volunteers and staff @THGPCareGroup  #IHadMyJab 

American Legionvolunteers spend time during the warmer months cleaning and maintaining the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial:

Oxfam at war: Charity bosses change shop's locks and axe volunteers in bitter two-year battle over Welsh language row


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The counting of ballots is nearly done in Arizona. A huge THANK YOU to election officials, workers and volunteers for their professionalism and hard work. Congratulations, President-Elect Biden for a hard won victory. Arizona has chosen well.

BREAKING: The first vaccine tested in the U.S. for the coronavirus boosted volunteers' immune systems as hoped, researchers report. Final study starts this month.

Mauritius declared an emergency after a tanker hit a coral reef, spilling 1,000+ tons of oil and threatening "thousands" of fragile species. It is still leaking. Volunteers are making barriers and rescuing animals, angry at govt inaction: "We will never be able to recover."

Name : Akshay Kumar City : MumbaiMere aur mere parivaar ki taraf se... Police, Nagar Nigam ke workers, doctors, nurses, NGOs, volunteers, government officials, vendors, building ke guards ko #DilSeThankYou  ??

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Breaks my heart to see my home country being torn apart by fires. Thank you for the tireless efforts of the firefighters and volunteers. Heart goes out to the victims. Here’s how you can help

Let us #PrayTogether  for doctors, hospital staff, and volunteers who are giving their own lives to save others. And for civil leaders, for those who have to make decisions at this time. All these people are the pillars defending us in this crisis.

Bernie Sander’s volunteers are trashing Elizabeth “Pocahontus” Warren. Everybody knows her campaign is dead and want her potential voters. Mini Mike B is also trying, but getting tiny crowds which are all leaving fast. Elizabeth is very angry at Bernie. Do I see a feud brewing?

THANK YOU to the: nurses doctors scientists gig workers researchers truck drivers health experts manufacturers lab technicians postal employees hospital volunteers supermarket clerks warehouse operators convenience store associates You are heroes!

NEW: JetBlue is donating free flights for incoming medical volunteers heading to New York State. Thank you @JetBlue  for transporting the vital personnel we need. So grateful for the help.

We won in Iowa because of the unprecedented grassroots effort of our campaign. Thousands of volunteers knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors in the cold and snow. I want to thank each and every volunteer who participated in that effort.