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$FXI and $TAN have both moved into Stage 1. China stocks are showing more leadership than solar stocks. Besides $DQ none of the solar stocks are taking volume yet. Overall need to see bigger volume in most stocks that are attempting to move higher and show institutional buying.

The #OTC  on Friday 👀 by volume and based on technicals as well. A bunch of the ones being mentioned and nowhere to find a ones that have been getting decent volume and have amazing news and some updates/news pending with a beautiful SS and clean sheets. 👀

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ICYMI: British singer Kate Bush topped the UK singles chart with her 1985 hit ‘Running Up That Hill,’ setting several records ever since the first volume of ‘Stranger Things’ season four episodes premiered on Netflix in late May

Attn Option Traders: How do you choose your contracts? What do you look for? - Volume to Open interest ratio? - Delta? Theta? Etc - Expiration date? What is your “perfect” contract set up?

#btc   and $alts low volume and dead liquidity. Be safe and careful people. Ever single pump is an exit pump . 🚨$alts an #btc    will dump and lose days of gains as if it was nothing but dreams .

During the March rally which turned into a great shorting opportunity, volume was not good in the stocks that did try and move higher. No real sector moves developed (natural gas was the only good one $CRK $SWN). If the same thing happens this time its just a bear rally.

$PEI -Low volume but interesting chart which can fly with volume imo - Will keep on watch for potential momo trade

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$MSFT $AAPL $NVDA $QQQ IDK, this looks like a bunch of short covering to me. Undercut lows with plenty of supply overhead, volume already faltering. A short-covering rally is still a rally, but I'd meet the persistence of it with skepticism. Date it, don't marry it.

They really have to fix the volume profile on TOS.. it’s actually horrible. Best one i’ve ever used is on @TrendSpider 

Have had #Glastonbury  on in the background - only just been prompted to turn up the volume#brucespringsteen 

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Stranger Things fans, at long last we can finally reveal when the new season will be premiering!! Stranger Things 4 is coming to you in two parts: Volume 1 premieres May 27 & Volume 2 quickly follows on July 1.

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Now you know why India makes the most two-wheelers in the world. We know how to carry the highest volume of cargo per square inch of wheel…We are like that only… #Sunday 

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La Casa de Papel / Money Heist is finally coming back! Part 5: Volume 1 premieres September 3 Part 5: Volume 2 premieres December 3

Just wanna get fresh wit shawty hop in the V and turn the volume up loud loud.

The Heritage Foundation has just stated that 64% of the Trump Agenda is already done, faster than even Ronald Reagan. “We’re blown away,” said Thomas Binion of Heritage, President Trump “is very active, very conservative and very effective. Huge volume & spectrum of issues.”

Although I don’t support James Gunn’s inappropriate jokes from years ago, he is a good man. I’d personally love to see him reinstated as director of Volume 3. If you please, read the…

“I completely read the entire Mueller Report, and do you know what I concluded after reading both Volume 1 and Volume 2? There is no there there. NO THERE THERE! We completely wasted everybody’s time and taxpayer’s money.” @trish_regan 

New York City EMS received 6,406 medical 911 calls yesterday. It was the highest volume ever recorded in the city, surpassing the record that had been set on Sept. 11, 2001.

“We have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel.” -DOJ Inspector General Horowitz The Dossier was the big lie. Never forget: the bigger the lie and the more people talking about it, the more likely people will believe it.