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Michelle Russell of @ChtyCommission  said Galloway’s initiative was “a wholly inadequately managed charity”. But Ron McKay, ex spokesman for GG, said Viva Palestina was a campaign and not a charity, and criticised the commission’s “kangaroo judgement”.

After TEN years the “Charity Commission” which forcibly “Charitabilised” the Viva Palestina convoys to break the siege on #Gaza  and which hundreds of media reports alleged to be “handing over aid to Hamas” (I was even briefly banned from Canada over it) says there was no aid!

viva palestina'>George Galloway-fronted Viva Palestina charity (which boasted of raising £1m) not very charitable, according to regulator, which “found little if any evidence that humanitarian aid was distributed to those in need in accordance with the charity’s objects.”

by mizznina1780 "Here are the details for the Protest: Viva Palestina Msia (VPM) together with Aqsa…