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@AlderLaneeggs  @alansilbertI  @INXLimited ' @Jake_Q  @AlderLaneeggsuintinm  sure that the opportunity in this space is extensive, and will have many participants. I really don't understand the vitriol.

The public vitriol aimed at Western journalists reporting on flooding in central China is the inevitable outcome of the cultural war against foreign influence that the Communist Party has waged under Xi Jinping, columnist @LiYuan6  writes. 

Mullumbimby, New South Wales: I come from probably Australia's most hated town right now, but it doesn't deserve the vitriol

I come from probably Australia's most hated town right now, but it doesn't deserve the vitriol

@Donnelly421  Em@danwwangpty  vitriol. Austria was never more than a second-rate "great power ". No major victories against other European great powers except as a junior partner in a large coalition. No overseas empire. Yawn. Go back to school.

Painful to hear Ofc. Harry Dunn recount racist vitriol directed his way defending the Capitol building on Jan. 6. "No one had ever called me a n***** while wearing the uniform of the Capitol Police."

She is still the GOAT. But don’t let her unmatched dominance — with all the gold medals, records and moves named after her — confuse this fact: @Simone_Biles  is human. So don’t jump to conclusions, save the vitriol and show her the grace, love and #respect  she deserves US ❤️

The Chinese government responses with vitriol after "Washington has drawn in allies to press Beijing over mass detentions and forced labor in Xinjiang and the rollback of freedom in Hong Kong." Beijing also opposes a probe into a possible Wuhan lab leak.

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There needs to be an effective and implementable solution to the Khori Gaon issue. We can’t solve the problem through academic discussions or vitriol about how the forest department is a ‘colonial institution’. | Ritwick Dutta

After extremist conspiracy theorists hijacked civil liberties rallies in Trafalgar Square, Maajid Nawaz urges protesters to 'not allow' their cause to be 'hijacked' by vitriol. @MaajidNawaz 


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I condemn the reprehensible violence and vitriol that has been targeted towards the Asian-American community. There is no doubt Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric fueled many of these attacks and I apologize for any past comments that aided that agenda.

My leftist associates begged me not to go into talk radio. I eventually realized they were so opposed because of what I would learn. That leftist effort to deny access to ideas & info continues w even more vitriol & punishment for those who dare to challenge leftist lies 10/

From lifelong Republican and former chief of staff at the Dept of Ed for @BetsyDeVosED ⁩: “As a Republican, I'm tired of Trump's division, discord, vitriol and hate”

“Decades later, with America on the brink of the age of Trump and a terrifying wave-like resurgence of white nationalism spewing racist vitriol, "Black or White" still feels like an anthemic, hope-filled war cry.” -Tari Nganura on Michael’s lyrics.

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Conservatives, don’t you dare despair. Battles are not designed to leave you untouched by the vitriol and hatred that incited it. Now is the time to hold our values true. Now is the time to understand that our foe has no intentions of giving up their power willingly. #Truthdom 

Every time I visit London, I am amazed how biased UK political coverage is by the BBC. Plus, they are incredibly rude to Conservative MPs. All paid for by UK taxpayers. I enjoy their world coverage but why the vitriol when it is about UK politics?

Amazon spox complaining about vitriol after getting piled on for defending Amazon using social distancing as pretext to fire a worker for organizing is a good example of power using “civility” as an excuse to silence legit protest

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'How dare people decide not to spend their lives being subjected to lazy abuse, vitriol, misogyny and racism,' say purveyors of lazy abuse, vitriol, misogyny and racism.

Thoughts: 1. Romney is signing up for months and perhaps years of vitriol for essentially a symbolic vote. 2. He won't be president in 2024, so this isn't about that. 3. There's not much upside in this for him. The easiest course would have been "wrong but not impeachable."

It’s difficult to hold a candidate responsible for the vitriol of his online followers. But here, a paid Sanders staffer said incredibly nasty things about fellow candidates. Probably not unique to his campaign. But shows it aint bots either Via @scottbix