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Investigation opened in Ukraine after FC Kremen player Vitaly Boyko celebrated his team conceding a goal. The player (No 18) claims it was frustration, not celebration: "How could I cheer for our opponents after spending 20 hours in a bus to get here?"

Vitaly Shishov, a 26-year-old activist from Belarus, was found hanging from a tree in Kyiv. Many suspect foul play

“Bottle Opener and Needle" Shanghai, China by Vitaly Tyuk

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Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko denies links to death of dissident Vitaly Shishov, found hanged in Ukraine last week

Ukraine opened a murder probe and Lukashenko's critics accused his regime of killing Vitaly Shishov, an activist who helped his compatriots flee repression.

Russian lawmaker Vitaly Milonov said he was "embarrassed" to watch Israeli gold medalist Linoy Ashram. "She should have refused the medal, because what happened there was simply unjust"

Before his death, Vitaly Shishov was worried. He told his friends he was being followed. He had recently created a channel on Telegram aiming to unmask scheming in Ukraine by the Belarusian KGB

Ukrainian police opened an investigation into Vitaly Shishov's death, leaving open the possibility that it might be a “murder masked as a suicide”

Vitaly Shishov’s NGO accused the Belarusian secret service of killing him. There is no proof of that yet


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Ukrainian police say missing Belarusian activist Vitaly Shishov has been found dead in Kiev For more on this and other news visit

Last week, exiled activist Vitaly Shishov organized a Belarusian independence day rally in Kyiv. This morning, he was found hanged in a Kyiv park.

Girlfriend of Belarus activist Vitaly Shishov says he would never have killed himself

Vitaly Shishov, a Belarusian antigovernment activist, was found dead in a park near his home in Ukraine on Tuesday. The police said that their investigation included the possibility that the death was a “murder masked as a suicide.”

A Belarusian activist who ran a group in Ukraine helping Belarusians flee persecution has been found dead in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Vitaly Shishov was found hanged in one of the city’s parks not far from his home.

The death of Belarusian activist Vitaly Shishov is disturbing – and the U.S. should offer any necessary assistance to Ukraine as they carry out an investigation. Lukashenka must pay a price for targeting his critics, particularly on other countries' soil.

Police in Ukraine open a probe after finding Belarusian opposition activist Vitaliy Shishov hanged in a Kyiv park

RUDY GIULIANI worked for VITALY KLITSCHKO in 2008. So, when Klitschko came under fire last year, he told his aides @MayorRGiuliani  would protect his post. Sure enough, Rudy went to bat for his ex-client wi @ZelenskyyUah  's team, & Klitschko kept his power.

The quest to understand the biology of pain and explore new ways to treat it has taken on fresh urgency. Neuroscientist Vitaly Napadow studies how the brain perceives pain.

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